The Sentinels

Who are they?

The world's first delta-human team, formed with the intent of global protection beneath the guidance of Arthur Davenport in 2004. The team's initial burst of cooperation did a lot of favors for delta-human relations, thanks in no small part to the charismatic leadership of Lady Liberty and the dashing fame from Captain Spectacular. Things progressed well at first – so well that they looked to expand their roster in 2014 with the Junior Sentinel initiative. Two years later, the Sentinels had fallen apart. The world climate had grown tired of delta-human interference and the collateral destruction that had cost so many lives and so many more dollars. 

What do they want?

To fight crime, save the world, and ensure a brighter tomorrow. As an organization, this is the extent of their mission statement, though of course many of their individual members retained and pursued their own particular goals. Now that they are defunct, it could be said that this group has no goals.

Notable Members

The Founders

The Classics

  • The Collective
  • Faust
  • Hercules the Mighty
  • Ruby Rex
  • Spider
  • The White Rose

The New Wave

The Sentinels

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