The Veil

Alias: The Veil
Real Name: Anne Roberts
Affiliation(s): The Wardens
Classification(s): Blaster, Stranger, Striker
Known Powers: Control over Shadow Magic
Age: 18
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 120
Eyes: Grey
Hair: Black


It is unknown what brought her to New York and why she's fighting crime.


This iteration of the Veil, must like the first, relies on a sense of humor to throw her enemies off kilter. The dark nature of shadow magic has not dampened her bright nature inherited from her grandfather. She's has a tendency to be impulsive and not think through her actions, which can push others away or put herself in danger. 


A magic user with a disciplinary focus in Shadow Magic, The Veil is able to manipulate the extra-dimensional energies as weapons, armor, and utility effects.


The Veil's costume consists of a cloak and cowl obscuring the bottom half of the face made from living Shadow. The Veil's skin, eyes, and hair are all shades of grey.

Theory and Speculation

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The Veil

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