The Lady of the Shard

Alias: The Lady of the Shard
Real Name: Angela Lincoln
Affiliation(s): The Guild
Classification(s): Stranger, Shaker, Master
Known Powers: Use of magic to conceal, to alter a landscape, and to control others
Age: 38
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 140lbs
Eyes: Purple
Hair: Black


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Ethereal does not usually apply so well to a person or their attitudes, but the Lady of the Shard embodies the idea well. She stares through people rather than looking at them, speaking with a slightly ghostly timbre that hints at her otherworldly powers. When she speaks, it is in a whisper, but it is a whisper that is used to being heard.


The Lady of the Shard manipulates shadow magic, tending towards spells that are precise, subtle, and manipulative.


The Lady of the Shard wears an off the shoulder purple dress, black elbow-length gloves, dark stockings, and servicable boots. Her headdress is made from pale gold and obscures nothing of her pale face. 

Theory and Speculation

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The Lady of the Shard

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