The Guild

Lafie Estate, Manhattan
Burglary, Criminal Mischief
Current Members:
The Lady of the Shard The Dragon Tamer Annex
The Black Knight The Gamesmaster Jack Frost
Weather Witch Zombie  
Former Members:

Who are they?

A group of vagabonds that settled just north of New York City a couple of years ago. A roving band of mercenaries, thieves, and general ne'er-do-wells, they came upon their powers as a group, and though they've ventured out into nearby states, they have since returned to their base – making them as close to true New Yorkers as they might get.

Money, power, respect – the Guild is after what we all want and always have been. More recently (since gaining their powers) they've been making more low-key plays and fending for themselves rather than relying on the payment and goals of strangers. What has turned their focus this way?

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The Guild

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