The Dragon Tamer

Alias: Dragon Tamer
Real Name: Dane McGowan
Affiliation(s): The Guild
Classification(s): Master
Known Powers: Creates mental constructs that fight on his behalf
Age: 18
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 230lbs
Eyes: Green
Hair: Dark brown


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The Dragon Tamer does not mince words or banter like some of his fellows. Confident without being a braggart, a leader without being bossy. 


True to his name, the Tamer rides and fights from the back of a dragon-like beast. Current theories state that the creature is some creation of the Tamer's mind – a physical construct from mental energies.


The Dragon Tamer is a man to be reckoned with; young but already topping six feet and more with an astounding amount of muscle, this Islander is imposing both through his size and the evidence of prior fights – accumulated scars mark his skin.

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The Dragon Tamer

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