Setting Information

Surpassed in extensiveness only beyond our characters' page, this will hopefully contain a record of information on a wide variety of topics – the game world, the various super powers, historical events, and more.

The World

Within the multiverse there exists a potentially infinite number of versions of our world, and among those we find Earth-322. Fairly similar to our own in that much of the same universal constants are present, there are a few major divergences. Not the least among them would be the presence of delta-humans, or individuals with radically varying powers and power levels. While they cannot be to blame for all of the historical differences between our Earth and Earth-322, there's no denying that delta-humans have made a considerable impact on the history of their world.

Outside of mentioned specifics, it's a pretty safe bet to assume that Earth-322 is much the same as our world. Everest is still the tallest mountain, the moon still orbits and controls most of the tides, and fire is still hot. In some places, technology has significantly advanced (please refer to the Providence and the other PRISM fortresses for examples of E-322's advanced levitation engines, energy production and recycling, and military prowess); in others, we see stagnation. True, individuals may possess extraordinary technology – most often self-invented and self-produced – but wide-scale technological innovation is slow as a result of broad-strokes mistrust of (suspected) delta-inventer plots. 


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The Situation Today

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The following is an excerpt from CIDD training material

There has been innumerable attempts in E-322's history to catalog, define, and organize the vast and extremely complex system of 'powers' that exist in the delta-human population. CIDD's system is the de-facto baseline against which others are measured, but important alternatives to note would be China's, Russia's, and the Egyptian Empire's. Review the linked document and learn it well; cross-referenced with Field Training and General Combat Strategies review material, it can mean the difference between a successful apprehension and public calamity.

Classification of what sort of delta-human category an individual belongs to is an important step towards public safety. No less important is consideration of the source of said power. Two Blasters might both shoot flames, but when one does so because of an electrical contraption and the other due to a genetic mutation, the means by which one is able to safely apprehend them can be completely different. 


CIDD does not ascribe religious value, meaning, or truth to any particular religion in the following section. Classification Divine comes as a result of traditional naming conventions and is not intended as a commentary on the spiritual significance or truth of any particular religion, sect, creed, mythology, or denomination.

The scientific community is in constant efforts to understand the natural world. When they refer to events as 'unnatural', it is in relation to the known, quantifiable physics of our universe. In an effort to move away from value-laden terminology like 'unnatural' and towards a more useful classification system, terms like 'Divine' and 'Magic' have been chosen due to their historical significance and mass cultural understanding about their inherent qualities.

Divine and Magic powers 'break' the traditional rules of physics, much like all delta-human abilities. Where they differ, though, is in the apparent source. Divine delta-humans tend to bear a striking significance to figures or creatures in myth or religious histories. Part of this classification (in regards to Divine versus Magic) comes from the delta themselves – if a pyrotechnic Blaster claims they have inherited demonic power (and shows none of the particular signs of Genetic mutation), CIDD intel tends to label them under the Divine header. Other parts of the classification tend to be obvious – the 'demonically' enhanced, to continue the example, often exhibit traditional 'demonic' features or expressions of their abilities. For example, Lady Hell's Shifter ability manifested as an unnatural feline demon, and both she and her flames reacted negatively against fellow 'Divine' classified delta Paladin.

There is much that yet remains to be discovered about the Divine nature of delta-human abilities. One would assume, for instance, that the presence of two sources of mutually exclusive mythological sources would be a total paradox, and yet Ruby Rex, Paladin, and Lei-Zi all operated in much the same time frame – even in the same geographical area. Suffice it to say that this source is considered a major frontier in delta-human research, but all is not hopeless. As the aforementioned reaction between Lady Hell and Paladin's powers might suggest, traditional mythological strength/weakness paradigms often work. 'Demons' fear 'holy' powers, and 'werewolf' Shifters like Berserkr are weakened by silver.




The scientific community is in constant efforts to understand the natural world. When they refer to events as 'unnatural', it is in relation to the known, quantifiable physics of our universe. In an effort to move away from value-laden terminology like 'unnatural' and towards a more useful classification system, terms like 'Divine' and 'Magic' have been chosen due to their historical significance and mass cultural understanding about their inherent qualities.

Magically sourced delta-human abilities break the rules of physics as we understand them, but unlike the other Three, contain no easy 'explanation' for how they work. Genetically mutated delta-humans bear general DNA markers, of course, and the Technologically gifted have some physical, scientific device by which to affect the world. Those that get their delta-abilities from 'Magic' can make no such scientific explanation. Their explanations might have some sort of internal logic or ascribe to a broader philosophy (see the report Blood Mages and the Importance of Drone Response for a thorough explanation on the necessity of sub-classification), but often-times their powers cannot even be replicated by a third party even with hands on guidance. Outside of familial DNA links, though, or generic geographic trends for certain practicitioners, there is no common uniting genetic factor for Magic sources.

Whether it be through psychology or not, deltas under this classification tend to abide by certain 'rules' for how their powers operate. Ritual is important to the Magic delta, as it is through the use of chants, symbols, dance, meditation, song, instrument, or others that they are able to use their powers. Binding, gagging, and separating the Magician from their implements of ritual is paramount to disabling them.

Per the report Interviews with Dante LaBelle and the Magical Spectrum, magic can be broadly categorized under two diametrically opposed umbrellas: Arcane and Shadow. In the Interviews, LaBelle describes the two 'schools' of magic as alternative approaches to the same ends – the ends being, of course, the metaphysical breaking of physical law. LaBelle, a practitioner of shadow magic, advised CIDD agents that shadow magic draws on natural entropic energies in the universe to effect the practitioner's desires (see Dark Matter Radiation and the Metaphysical for the finer details), whereas arcane practitioners upset the natural flow of energy to enforce their will on the universe. While for all practical purposes this distinction seems to make no difference in terms of neutralizing or stopping said practitioners, LaBelle assured the interviewer that the distinction is an especially important one for those that practice magic (field experience and research tends to back this up; see report On the Rivalries and Fueds of New England's Magical Cults). 


Moore's Law has proven a remarkable predictor for what is considered 'normal' tech through about the mid-2020s. Though we see steady improvements in said microprocessors, miniaturization hit increasingly diminishing returns in that time period. Fortunately, delta-human innovation in the technological fields has yielded a number of 'eureka' moments that have allowed for the safe and slow adoption of technology necessary to keep up with delta-human threats from every field. The most visible and long-lasting piece of technology we've used is, of course, the electromagnetic levitation engines that have been adapted from the EAGLE command ships to Project PRISM and miniaturized into our smaller vehicles.

Not every delta tinker functions the same way. Some of their devices are wholly unusable to the outside world – in the best case scenario, the device simply does not function or functions inconsistently. In the worst case scenario, the device has been programmed to malfunction for non-authorized users. Many others we've been able to adapt to our own use in some form, though more and more frequently reverse-engineering has been a necessity to effect wide-scale CIDD production. 

Delta technology is capable of producing a broad range of effects, in some cases so fantastical as to imitate magical sources. There exist a few cases (see case file Akira Takahashi, PHD) that have proven so incredible in their effect and so elusive in their means that were it not for the inventor's notes and descriptive tropes of the devices we might well have classified them as magical. Unfortunately, this broad range applies as well to means by which one might combat them. EMI techniques work in some cases (especially against less experienced tinkers), but often one encounters increased applications of EM-shielding across encounters. 

Setting Information

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