Sensitive Subject Matter

I would say that things have taken a turn towards the dark in Sentinels: Revolution, but that would be ignoring a wealth of darkness in our previous game. Unasked-for battlefield tracheotomies, child soldiers, devilry and more – we've never been shy about exploring some of the grittier realities of vigilantism or superpowers.

And that doesn't mean we have to be shy about asking for a break, either. There's a lot of crap in our fantasy world that may not always be welcome at the table – violence and antagonism of all different stripes, villainy of various flavors, and potentially unintended offenses we may be totally unaware of. One thing we did not ask (oops!) in the questionnaire was about personal limits on subject matter at the table, which was a major oversight on my part. Reflecting on the Monsters (the inspiration for this write-up), maiming and psychological distress to the point of a personality overhaul could have been a bit much.

Before that goes on any further, let me clarify our stance on potentially triggering material like that: if something makes you uncomfortable at the table, please bring it up and we will figure out a way to work it out of the spotlight. You can bring it up directly (to Kyle or me), indirectly (through someone else), out loud or through whispers/PM, anonymously or not. Sometimes the scene will be easily handwaved – sometimes we'll have to break character and work out an 'aftermath' (in more abstracted terms) together (maintaining anonymity if requested) for more complex situations. Whatever the solution turns out to be, we will find it with no judgment or hard feelings involved. 

We've got a table full of great people; you all have been great about these things in the past. This wasn't written up because of any problem concrete or imagined – it's just something we felt was important to have stated outright, rather than just relying on unspoken agreement. 

Sensitive Subject Matter

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