Larry Kurst

Alias: None
Real Name: Larry Kurst
Affiliation(s): Napalm
Classification(s): Blaster/Shaker
Known Powers: Pyrokinetic
Age: 37
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 130lbs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown


Leader of a destructive gang that aggressively recruited pyrokinetics and others with flame-related powers, Larry Kurst scorched his name into the history books with violence and mayhem. He allied with Chris Cassidy for an attack on New York that left vast scorch marks through the western side of the city, and is himself responsible for the murder of Titan.


Kurst was a wrecking ball of a man, not just in size but personality. He was boisterous, fearless, and without mercy.


Kurst could create, maintain, and lash out with massive amounts of fire, with heats far exceeding the melting point of steel.


Larry Kurst wore no costume

Theory and Speculation

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Larry Kurst

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