Lady Liberty

Alias: Lady Liberty
Real Name: Patricia Carter
Affiliation(s): The Sentinels
Classification(s): Brute, Mover
Known Powers: Super strength; durability; flight
Age: Apparent 30s, died in late 40s or early 50s
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 150lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown


Lady Liberty answered the call by Davenport to save NYC against the invasion of Eclipse with the AES, taking the fight directly to Eclipse and his conjured shadow dragon. Along with Captain Spectacular, her role in the Sentinels gravitated towards the public eye, though she took enough responsibility to dedicate herself to that role and the group. She wound up losing faith in herself after being responsible for Hercules's death in the Shadow Realm, though she returned to assist with the Return of Eclipse in 2015. Thereafter taking a leadership position in the Sentinels, she was the head of that superhero group when negotiations to disband were instigated by now President Elizabeth Sorrel. Her whereabouts now are unknown.


Patient, determined, and kind, Lady Liberty showed strength in her restraint and steadfast hold to her moral and ethical code. Despite her patriotic alignment, she was not an extension of the US Government.


While wielding the Flagstaff, Lady Liberty enjoyed a host of powers including super strength, durability, flight, speed, enhanced senses, tactical prowess and battlefield awareness


Lady Liberty dressed in a toga-style dress adapted from the Statue of Liberty, though hers was white rather than a patina green. She initially wore a face mask, though as time went on she would forego that accessory. One that never left her side, though, was the golden flagstaff, topped by a globe and triumphant eagle.

Theory and Speculation

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Lady Liberty

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