Guides, House Rules, and Policies


The rules are expansive, the possibilities nearly unlimited, and to top it all off, we've all got jobs. Nobody wants to spend their scant free time boning up on rules materials, and we don't want to waste time in game figuring things out. Here are some handy guides and reminders for how the game works, distilled into the essentials.

House Rules

As much as I love the Mutants and Masterminds 3E book, there's no such thing as a perfect rule set. To remedy that, we may find that we have to make some changes from time to time. If there is something in the ways the rules work that doesn't make sense or seems over/underpowered, get in contact with one of us and we can talk it out. It may result in the section here being expanded!

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The basic gist of how we operate at the table. I don't think anyone is operating under false assumptions or anything, but for some matters, I think it's best to be open and state outright some of our options (like conflict resolution or sensitive subject matter)
Conflict and Sticking Points
Sensitive Subject Matter

Guides, House Rules, and Policies

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