Chris Cassidy

Alias: None
Real Name: Chris Cassidy
Affiliation(s): The SFU
Classification(s): Shaker/Blaster
Known Powers: Gravity control
Age: died 44
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 230lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: None


The story of Chris Cassidy is a well known one to western society – particularly those that warn against deltas without checks. Cassidy was a member of the SFU, leading a split in the organization apart from his once friend, Hiram Yuesh. More inclined to violent resistance, the SFU under Cassidy allied with incendiary gang Napalm to strike out against what they saw as a prejudiced and oppressive society.


Cassidy had a larger than life personality. He embraced his role as a Leader and a future Martyr, infusing drama and gravity into the fabric of his conversations. He had a patient anger and a magnetism that drew others towards him.


Cassidy was among one of the most powerful deltahumans that ever lived, able to control gravity across vast distances with such elegant precision as has never been seen again.


Cassidy did not attire himself like superheroes did.

Theory and Speculation

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Chris Cassidy

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