Captain Spectacular

Alias: Captain Spectacular
Real Name: Paul Dartford
Affiliation(s): The Sentinels
Classification(s): Brute, Mover, Blaster
Known Powers: Superstrength, super speed, super durability, laser vision, enhanced senses and reflexes
Age: Unaged from mid-20s, in 50s at his death
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 203lbs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown


Captain Spectacular was among the first to answer Arthur Davenport's call to fight against Eclipse. He stayed on with the Sentinels for years to come, though his responsibilities were largely limited to large disasters – the rest of his time he spent filming in movies, promoting merchandise, and schmoozing.


Some would say he also set a lot of trends for how heroes were perceived as well. While he did a lot of favors for the delta-human community as a whole (it's hard to look down on the man that saved so many, after all), some people found his self-promotion to be grating and his attitude arrogant.


Super strength, super speed, nigh-invulnerability, laser vision, greatly enhanced senses and reflexes


Captain Spectacular wore a series of ever-changing costumes and colors, though they were always skin-tight to show off his powerful physique. He never wore a mask, preferring that the people see his face.

Theory and Speculation

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Captain Spectacular

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