Nassau, NY
Pharmaceutical Research and Production
Current Members:
Former Members:
Carson Long
Trevor Lawson
Vanessa Tran

Who are they?

A relatively new pharmaceutical start-up with a revolutionary product: a medical 'cure' for genetic delta-human abilities. Combining the strength of the controversial collars with greater discretion than even the power-dampening cuffs, this medicine promises to be a game-changer for CIDD and the growing number of delta-humans born with abilities. 

With their drug still undergoing clinical testing, the group's apparent motivations are approval by the FDA and adoption by CIDD and the rest of the US government as the go-to solution for a large swath of the delta-human population.

They recently became under fire for unauthorized human testing for which their CFO, Trevor Lawson, is under investigation. Carson Long was found dead in his apartment shortly after the allegations began. Vanessa Tran has since gone missing.

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