The Sentinels: Revolution

S1E7: Delta Force

comes out of the closet

Date of Session: 08/06/17

Season: 1

Episode: 7

Players: Blake, Casey, Christy, Savannah, Sean

Author: Christy


*note: for the purposes of less confusion, I'm going to use our real names for myself and Casey so I don't have to type out body swap confusion. Use your imagination people! Also, this episode was mostly informaiton gathering, so if I got anything wrong, please let me know! 

We continue where we left off, in the dungeon of ArcLabs, with a forcefield holding off a gas attack. Casey as Nita grabs the Professor's gas mask and goes to finish downloading some hopefully incriminating information. Sketchy, helpful NPC Craig Marston helps, suggesting that Casey as Nita takes the whole hard drive, so that they are hopefully left with none of the original information. 

Rescued (for now) folks:

  • Daniel Hessen, currently in pink body with no skin, transparent, everything hurts him 
  • Craig Marston – see info below
  • Sally – 7 ft tall, double jointed, eats raw whole chickens, snake like features, forked tongue 
  • Gregor – member of the Family, currently stuck in POD form, bc dangerous 
  • Rachel – member of the Family, was not experimented on to her knowledge 

We beat a hasty retreat through the sewers, with Pysch "carrying" GregorPod, the Professor, and Daniel. We exit into a field where they are flushing chemicals. Pysch plays with the Professor like he's a death eater, twirling him in the air. Then we find out Psych flies at walking speed, so that is SUPER LAME. Apparently, he's working on it. (Spend some PP yo). 

As we are escaping, we find out that Craig already had powers before being grabbed, but the powers are currently dampened from the slime. The other say they did not have powers before, but they do now. Christy as Ilya says to shut it and let's make a plan. Chatting is for later! 

The Arcana comes up with a Taxi plan, that we all flesh out. Casey as Nita, Toby, Craig, and Rachel all take a taxi back to our HQ. Christy as Ilya drives everyone else in her car, the Prof in the trunk, the Arcana to invisible the Pod, Pysch to lift the Pod, Sally, and Daniel. Blindfolds are used to protect our Safehouse's location. But before we leave, Christy as Ilya makes a HEROIC target run to pick up food, clothes, a whole chicken, chocolate for Arcana, water and towels for cleaning that GOO, and red bulls which are now called red monsters b/c of bigotry. 

While Christy as Ilya makes a heroic target run, the rest of the group hides in the woods and gets to chatting.

We find out Daniel was a chemical engineer at arc labs and was involved in some kind of accident. He was taken downstairs, and they began experimenting on him a year ago, has no family.

We also find out that Craig is all about the vengeance and wants the Professor dead, like for real dead. He is a little cagey on answering our questions. Eventually he tells us that he was part of a faction that split off after Cassidy fell, He was captured by CIDD and escaped multiple times. 14 years ago was his last jaunt, but Toby is hopeful he can help us help his friends. Craig led a group that splintered from the SFU, or at least that's what the books say. Also,  (Society For the Unrepresented, a very hush-hush group of anomaly-sympathizers and supporters. Given their prolictivity to hiding from the law and society at large, they are looked at quite suspiciously for their involvement in illegal or unethical affairs. However, they are also famous for their involvement with new Anomalies and their families, providing support that they might not otherwise get).

We also find out that Sally went looking for powers but was kidnapped and given these. Later, we learn she is not super pleased with the outcome, predictably. She is interested in a reversal.

We also find out, via Daniel, that the scientists were trying to do something with a genetic catalyst through blood and the human genome to cause/manifest powers. Basically, trying to replicate what was in Craig's blood that gave him powers. So that others could get powers. That's what they were doing to Daniel, and later we find out that it's Daniel's blood that led to Gregor's powers.  

We find out that Craig can create a swarm of bugs from his body. It was more impressive than I'm making it sound. 

ERMAHGAWD, Ana's phone is missing. After extensive back and forth, Trey finally convinces us that this will not be used to track us and please would we let it go b/c he has mysterious plans. 

<u>Questioning the Professor </u>

Same style as last time, although now it's weird b/c it's Ilya being intimidating and Nita arguing for the moral way :). We wanted to find out how to reverse what the Prof did, how to help Gregor, What is the goal of the Met heist, and is it still happening. Jungle Lord and Monster HQ, who he is, what's his story, does he have powers. Not asking for much really, he could have been more helpful. What's up with that? 

He truthfully tells us the combination code to GregorPod is 75353. He tells us if we release Gregor, it will be fine, but he'll die from advanced metabolic failure in a few days. He says he has no powers but talents, and a brilliant mind. 

Toby pulls us aside to say that Prof noticed an outlet and thinks he can do something with it. The situation is likely more dangerous than we thought. Toby also reads that Daniel is in trouble and without the ooze, he's going to run out of blood. The same is true with Gregor. It can be reversed but only with his facility,  he believes. Daniel needs a pod to live. Daniel's blood is keeping Gregor stable. We might be able to use his DNA instead of his blood, but Daniel's bald so……. 

Arcana questions Dan, she blisses him out and is the most awkward. He makes no sense. Arcana talks to Sally and finds out that she had to fight when she was let out of the pod. Sally also lets us know that the cannisters from the lab have the goop formula and chemicals, and she is willing to help us break in. Brave AF snake! Arcana also talks to Craig who informs her that Gregor is one of Dan's "blood kids" (that's what I'm calling it). And that Dan is one of Craig's "blood kids", so that is why Gregor is so unstable. Their process for the blood transfer isn't working fully, or barely really. 

Casey as Nita makes some tech checks on that harddrive she liberated. Whelp, we can't let Gregor out. That much is clear! He will emit radioactive energy that kills at short range. He will irradiate things for away, and his vitals are off the chart. 

ERMAHGAWD, the missing phone calls Ilya's phone. Casey as Nita answers it. It's a mole! He asks if we were B&E and if he reached the group that pulled the caper. He wants a favor, for us to finish the job. He sounds sincere. He knows that the gangs are attacking the Met, but he's not sure what they're after. He is supposed to supply them with his local delta contacts. He admits that they made a gas that turns people into monsters/deltas. Grayson Childs = Fissure, who is the architect of the MET attack. Carson and this guy (who we assume is Trever Lawson, ArcLabs CFO) got the dampen power formula and the blood catalyst plans from Fissure. He emails us some partially redacted information, see notes. The security cheif has disappeared. We have NO CLUE about that ;). He can get us some equipment we need to syntheisize a short supply of the blood. We also have the formula for the goop. 

Ilya could make a suit for Daniel and the goop, but he would need a better workshop and a way to refresh nutrient goop. 

We decide to do a video and announce ourselves to the world! We release the Professor to the police, along with a flash drive with the ArcLab info. Craig agrees to work with us. Video text is here: 

We have a group hug, a group name, and agree to make decisions by vote. We offer Sally a place in the group, and she says she'll think about it. 

From the emails. B Keeper = Trevor Lawson, The Alchemist – Carson 

Ana agrees to make us some forged doctors notes. Everyone goes back to their people and spills the beans except Ilya. At midnight, BODIES RESWAPPED. YAY

We decided to use PP & EP for comms. 

The END 





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