The Sentinels: Revolution

S1E2: Sleuthin' for the Truth

The Aftermath

Date of Session: 6/18/17

Season: 1 

Episode: 2

Players: All 

Author: Christy

Summary: We began the session with transport to the police station to give our statements. Ilya and Ana were in one car and Simon and Nita were in another. Toby had run off with the containers of the mysterious substance and Ilya's costume and the hazmat mask and was away for all police interactions. He has his street network asking questions about those materials. 

During the police interaction, they told us they had found Woodrough and there was some creature but were otherwise trying not to give us too much info. We told them our cover story which is that Ana and Nita were in the bathroom when we heard "scary" noises then ran to the library to find the others and hid there. The other group ran across the street and came back when they saw the cop cars except for Toby that just went home. Sav rolled a 0 and mentioned there was NO sexual contact from Mr. Foster. Simon saves the day with a deflect. Mr. Foster was very relieved and guilty to see us. We met Toby's truancy officer. 

We then all went to the dorms and Prescott was chewing out security guard Barry. We asked them to search our rooms b/c we were scared since we were involved. So they left and Ana and Ilya broke into a cabinet in the security office to get a card reader for us to investigate the partially broken card we found. We then deleted the video evidence of our thievery. The card belongs to a senior athlete who lives off campus. Based on the long brown hair we saw on the hazmat suit, we narrowed it down to Chett. 

Back in the dorm rooms, we had a little pow wow. After investigating several oath keeping options, demons, oath trees, etc. We decided to trust each other and went around the room to reveal our powers. Toby declined to tell us about the mind reading until later when deciding how to handle Chet. 

We decided there was nothing we can do for the janitor. We also decided the chemicals were too dangerous to try and do any kind of testing on. 

At school on Monday, Simon gives an interview of our experience to the school reporter and bombs some jokes. Ana shares barbs with classic good girl Delilah in the lab. Clara and Nita catch up and look forward to the upcoming archery competition. Toby is cornered by the econ teacher, who tries to get him on the debate team. 

Nita tells Chett that the coach is mad and wants to see him in the locker room. Itsy the spider follows him and sees that he can't get in the locker room but he did have a card that was missing a chunk. Too much of a coincidence, it's definitely him. Simon juggles apples and gets carted off by Prescott to the principal's office. The principal dismisses him and tells him to clean it up. Apparently he has a juggling addiction. 

After school, we use Ilya's surveilling robot to follow Chet after football practice and hear a very interesting conversation. All of this is without Toby. But we're hoping he will be able to join us for the other stuff. 

Chet: dude wtf was in that stuff?

Dude: What's it to you? You saw what happened?

Chet: I did. Big monster guy, throwing shit around. What the fuck!

Dude: Incredible. Incredible… well listen, you don't have to worry about that now, right?

Dude: Your part's done. Here you go, just as we promised…

The coat-clad stranger withdraws a plastic baggie from his coat pocket

Handing the bag over, the stranger smirks as chet snatches the baggie from the stranger

Dude: Nice job on losing the hood on the suit. Did you drop it along the way or just keeping it for the souvenier?

Chet: Fuck you. There were complications.

Dude: At least we got MOST of it back. And the van.

Chet: Whatever. Ugly ass.

Chet departs at this time, checking the pocket with his baggie time and time again

Our follow up plan is to try and pick pocket Chet's baggie and to go to the location where the coat guy went after their conversation. 



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