The Sentinels: Revolution

S2E2: Monster Hunting

This is Halloween

Date of Session: 10/1/17

Season: 2

Episode: 2

Players: Everybody

Author: Blake

Summary: En route to the docks, riding in the BnK limo, trying to find Lawrence's location. Docks have security guards, but it is beyond primary Monster territory. Monster territory growing into former Jungle Lord territory. Docks are in lowlight and state of constant disrepair, broken windows and decrepit buildings. Nita turns into a dog to sniff out Lawrence, discovers area littered with fresh blood. Delta Force finds guy clad in black, hanging by neck from street lamp, unused gun on ground. Psych cuts him down. Guy is breathing but not conscious, face all cut up, nose gone. Ana heals the man, scar tissue where nose was. Man coughs, shakes out of temporal acceleration, speaks only in a hoarse cry, looks at group, stops when he sees us. Toby reads his mind, "What does Slab have to do with it?" We sense someone nearby in the dark. Voice calls out, "Maurice, are you over here?" Guy comes forward into light gun in hand, checks out friend, then leaves to look for his radio. Maurice works for Slab, did not recognize guy with gun. Ana: "guy is a fake. it's a trap". Hangman is nearby, "Hello metal man", attacks Nikolai with garrote, Nikolai resists and sees silhouette of The Hangman. Delta Force enters combat with two Monsters. Simon moves Maurice to south of area. The Butcher attacks Toby. Toby blocks her attack, critically with forearm guards in jacket. Tesla clocks The Hangman good. Hangman counterattacks, bruises Tesla who toughs it out. Hangman hops down and fades into darkness. Arcana discloses that the Hangman has weak mental resilience. La Mente attacks The Butcher, steals her knife and light her face gauze on fire. Psych puts The Butcher in a cage, she seeps through it, becomes physical, attacks Toby. Ursa bear attacks The Butcher, slamming her into a container. Psych puts Hangman in a bubble cage, Hangman shouts in anger. Butcher attacks Ursa, Ursa shrugs off fire, tough ass bear and all. Butcher disappears. Tesla informs team Slab is incoming from the north. Arcana exhausts Hangman with a spell while he is trapped in cage. Psych carries everyone out of the area, plus Maurice, before Slab arrives. We want to take Maurice to hospital. Still have exhausted, helpless Hangman in cage.

We evac into secluded lot to interrogate Hangman. Toby and Nita in charge of that. Hangman is tall, fit, 40s, grey eyes, salt and pepper hair. We disarm him of rope, he has radio transmitter for setting off traps, burglar's kit. Team totally debases the serial killer with their search of his person, taking his effects and clothes leaving him butt naked. I put the bubble around Toby and Nita also for the interrogation. La Mente wakes him, bluffs about having Butcher in custody. Hangman seems confident. "Where is she?" he barks. Threatens Toby, Toby laughs at him, having nothing to hurt him with. La Mente and the Hangman in a tete a tete, attempts intimidation v Hangman, tells Toby "Ace Chemical" as to where Sandman is, says we can't take Sandman out. Sandman plays games, treats people like toys. Toby asks about security. Nikolai and Ana debate the merits of killing him since he has the highest kill count of the Monsters and targets women, and maybe too dangerous for police. Toby informs party of what he learned. We agree to take him to a random, distant police station and leave an anonymous tip for CIDD to pick him up, and warn CIDD about Butcher. We agree to release video to public of Hangman's capture. Copy of message with video:

Video: Delta Force gathers in front of the prone figure of The Hangman. The woman in the center, dressed in a knee-length duster and sporting a sleek-looking mask, speaks. The Arcana: This gestures to the figure on the floor is The Hangman. A notorious serial killer who stalks women, enters their homes, and murders them in cold blood. He has evaded capture by the local police force, and by CIDD itself. Tonight, Delta Force has apprehended him. We will be turning him over to the proper authorities so that they can put this heinous criminal behind bars where he belongs.  Delta Force continues to act on behalf of all the residents of New York City, Delta and non-Delta alike. We, a group of Deltas, strive to create safe streets where you and your families can live without fear. We also seek the establishment of a just, fair society where individuals are not subject to prejudice or unfair monitoring simply because of who they are. A message to the ardent youth in the community: while Delta Force sees and appreciates your efforts, remember, we are highly trained, committed individuals. You can best help us and the city, not by taking martial matters into your own hands, but by speaking out against discrimination and injustice in your schools and neighborhoods. Psych: You know Delta Force has your back, New York. Out.

Delta Force goes to Ace Chemicals, firmly in Monster territory. In parking lot, we encounter boy chained to the lot, which is sparsely lit by posts. Nita scouts the lot as a hawk, attracts boy's attention. Tesla picks up a radio frequency that is talking about his family (mom thinks he's dead). Ana has a rune that acts like a lantern for the party. We hear footfalls behind us, walking east then west. Tesla tracks radio signal. Simon rips up a distant light post and swings it around the group like a helicopter. Go to boy. Boy is all cut up, nervously sees us, "Oh my god! Hurry, he's in there!" Boy says they left him out there to feed it. Simon attempts to remove chain from ground and there is nothing to pick up, nothing of mass. Boy disappears. Nita tells Toby there is a lot of rage noise coming from building. Door of building opens. It's Lawrence Miller, all tore up, naked, covered in razor wire, which is moving him about like a spider. Sandman to our right under a different post. Sandman sicks Lawrence on us. Ursa goes to Lawrence as a bear. Sandman disappears, replaced by bees and wasps and such, wolves come out of the west. Toby dissolves a wolf into smoke with a card throw. Simon flies to top of post and hits wolves by swinging light pole at them, they dissolve to mist. Tesla tries to talk down Lawrence. Ana tries getting inside Lawrence's mind, but she is forced out by a sheer wall of anger. Ana disappears with Sandman as her light goes out. A Dark Ana and good Ana covered in haze return. Toby is attacked by bees. Nikolai is thrown by Lawrence into the factory. Simon carries Toby to the front of the building by the door and mind punches Darkana. Toby is caught in a magic cage by Darkana. Nikolai is talking down Lawrence who is still under Sandman's thrall, he gets out 5 words through the comms "in the building with Lawrence". Ana gets some comms out, "I am illusioned. Get La Mente out of the bubble. It's poisoned." Ana blasts away illusions with arcane blast and reveals Sandman in truth, he is bleeding some. Nita becomes falcon and enters building, returns to human form and shoots net arrows at Lawrence, misses. Nikolai stands between Nita and Lawrence, he is too good to allow Nita to hurt him. Lawrence squeezes Nikolai with razor wire, bless his heart. Simon pops the poison bubble capturing Toby, Toby not doing good. Sandman attempts to retreat but Ana hits him in the back with a magic attack. Nita fails to hit Lawrence with a bowstaff, Lawrence thinks she is the Butcher. Actual Butcher shows up, bloodied. Retreats with Butcher. Sandman creates more bees, wolves, and a damn shark. Psych picks up the shark and bats the bees out of the air with it. Nikolai continues to talk Lawrence out of his freakout. Ana flies into the air and fails to connect with an attack on the Sandman. Nita and Nikolai keep fighting, Ilya takes a whomping from Nita's bowstaff. Simon throws the shark at the last bee, killing both. Lawrence picks up Tesla through his metal armor, revealing he can control metal telekinetically, which Nikolai tells the party over the comms. Wolves dissipate when they rush Ana. Toby is totally unconscious and fucked up, Ana heals him some, Toby regains consciousness and is able to act. Nita flashbangs Lawrence at point blank, fails, critically, knocks bow away, Nita shouts, "Oh no, you took my arrows! What will I do WHEN I'M A BEAR!" Simon rushes into building and picks up Lawrence, levitating him in the air, where he flails helplessly. Lawrence thinks Psych is Smiler. Tesla makes a passionate plea for Simon to put him down. Ana calms him with her spell. Lawrence mind clears but is still unsure of us, who he does not know. We recap the situation to Lawrence, our journey looking for him. Lawrence says that what has happened to him (powers) is very new. Nita regrets never having a chance to hit Lawrence. Lawrence to Ana, "If I can keep these (wires), I will go with you."

Delta Force returns to HQ with Lawrence in tow. Toby passes out because he got wiped out. Lawrence wants some clothes, Nikolai offers some of his. Arcana heals the barbed man. Asked as to why he was in Monster territory, he missed his subway stop, tried to walk to Jade Palace and encountered Sandman. All he remembers. He does not want us to tell his family he is alive on account of his debt to the Costellos (55gs). Biggest mafia family in US. We promise to come up with a solution for his debt. Bounty hunting, bank robbery, lot of options on the table. Probably bank robbery.



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