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The year is 2034. The United States and the world at large are moving through the full cycle of delta-human acceptance – first came wary acceptance with the original Sentinels, an all-star cast including classic names like Captain Spectacular, Lady Liberty, and even the infamous White Rose. Years later the stage was set again for the New Sentinels, a cast of would-be heroes from across the globe that set out to prove themselves. Relations were strained then, and even despite the heroics of those that rose above their peers, the general opinion had turned against heroes as forces for good to meddlesome vigilantes at best. The United States has since lead the global charge and turned the pendulum hard towards the negative.

Trump and the new wave of hardline conservatism weren't the first of their ilk, not by a number of years. But their victory marked the start of successive authoritarian measures, ostensibly for the protection of its citizens but, critics say, aimed to the detriment of a new class of changed (or delta) human beings. First came the CIDD, the Center for Insurgent Detection and Disruption. Growing out of Patriot Act allowances, this agency keeps a registry of all known deltas, both to keep tabs on those known and to better understand their potential threats. Especially since the Attack on Washington in 2023, the public has seen this movement as necessary. With no other viable option, the Americans have turned to mandatory enforcement of locking, power-dampening bracelets (colloquially known as being 'cuffed'). Nobody is entirely sure how this delta-human inheritance works or behaves, and the power dampening technology is almost as inscrutable. The bracelets are not fool-proof, not yet, and further clamor for containing more powerful deltahumans has led to the more recent invention of the collar. Highly contentious, these devices are far more visible and more difficult to hide, increasing the already high stigma that comes with being a delta. The latest entrant to this political fray is a pharmaceutical start-up, ArcLabs, which has announced testing of a drug that can completely eliminate born in delta-human powers.

The Sentinels: Revolution

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