White Rose

Real Name: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 160lbs

Eyes: Unknown

Hair: Shaved

Description: Lean muscles, hard lines, and terrifyingly intimidating, the White Rose inherited her mantle and style from her mentor the Black Hood. Adopting an all-white costume complete with cape, mask, and cowl, she never stepped into the public life with her private identity.

Personality: And for good reason. The White Rose was considered deranged by most experts, dangerously obsessed with criminal elements, corruption, and perceived dangers such that she was willing to break the law and common decency in rooting it out. Her apparent lack of involvement for so long has resulted in the presumption of death by most of the US. 

Known Powers: Peak human conditioning, a belt full of gadgets and devices, and training in a wide variety of martial arts, melee weaponry, and firearms.

Affiliations: The Sentinels

White Rose

The Sentinels: Revolution gtdozier3