The Sentinels: Revolution

S1E8: Time for a Field Trip

Wherein Delta Force MET the Archivists


Date of Session: 08/20/17

Season: 1

Episode: 8

Players: All present

Author: Savannah


8/20/17 Episode Notes
Christy quote: “Am I supposed to say everything great that’s ever been great?” (about Worm) 
Casey quote: “Custodial lives matter!” (B/c we care about janitors a lot in this game)

At the beginning of the session, we spent a lot of time brainstorming about how to handle the baddies at the museum. We decided that our first priority would be to stop the Archivists from getting away with whatever they were planning, be it a terrorist attack, summoning ritual, theft, etc. 

Here is our stated plan as written in my notes: “Don’t split up unless necessary. Disguise ourselves as city officials to declare a gas leak. Get civilians out first. Take out Bawkus ASAP.”  I also remember something about planning a traffic jam at a pizza place as a good excuse for everyone being late to class after the lunch period. 

Here’s what actually happened: 

  1. We started out at school. Nikolai texted everyone a super secret message indicating that there was a blackout at the museum and that we needed to head out ahead of schedule. 
  2. Everybody ditched class and rode in Nita’s car to the museum. 
  3. We had to stop before we got to the museum because volcano mutants were attacking civilians. (The volcano mutants were previously civilians who were exposed to a drug.) We didn’t want the archivists to get away so we decided to split up. Psych and Arcana stayed to save the civilians while the rest of the group took the back way to the museum. 
  4. Psych and Ana saved the civilians through the power of team work and punchy one-liners. (Objects under psych’s control are closer than they appear.) Psych dropped a car on a mutant and one of the rescued civilians got a video of us on her phone. 

Noteworthy things about the Archivists: 

  • The archivists knew we were coming and had a vendetta against us (Delta Force) for fucking with their allies. 
  • They made mutants that they could control (or at least not be attacked by). 
  • Archivists = Shadow Magic users in robes and masks w/ glowing purple eyes 
  • Known Archivist powers: shadow magic bolts, darkness generation, teleportation (Childs), portals (group ritual) 
  • The Archivists talked about defeating death. They were at the museum to steal a book. 
  • Grayson Childs was the most powerful of the wizards we fought. He had a weird, cracked face and purple eyes. He also has a distorted voice. He seemed to teleport away

Noteworthy things about the museum fight: 

  • Nita saved the hostages taken by the archivists. She had to turn into a bear and kill a couple of wizards to do it. I think noted killing was performed by changing from a hawk mid-flight into a bear and crushing the people below her. 
  • Ilya hacked the security system and the cameras, which was super helpful. He also took a beating from Childs and a minion without getting killed. Yay, more meat shields for the party wizard! He was eventually knocked unconscious, but Ana healed him. (They hug and it’s adorable.) 
  • Toby was kidnapped by the shadow wizards. I think one of them grabbed him and jumped into the portal they created to escape. 
  • Delta Force saved the day again by stopping the Archivists from stealing the book they wanted from the museum. Delta Force is now in possession of the book. 



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