The Sentinels: Revolution

S2E3: Homecoming
Decked Out for Dancing

Date of Session: 10/8/17

Season: 2

Episode: 3

Players: Blake, Casey, Christy, Savannah, Sean

Author: Casey


WARNING: There’s no disguising it. This session saw the members of Delta Force overwhelmed with emotional turmoil the likes of which we’ve never seen. Those of you with a weak constitution (+3 or below) should avoid reading further.



Toby’s “punch”

Nita gets mugged and makes a pirate magician

Nikolai and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad date (with an adorable NPC)

Poor Simon’s dumb, beastly bromance

We begin our story with Lawrence’s conundrum. Thanks to Nita’s understanding of shady banking, Delta Force targets a paycheck-loan business run by the mob. Ana turns Nikolai invisible, and he sneaks into the establishment, runs a program to take out ¼ of a penny from each deposit, and slips out with no one the wiser. The program stops skimming from accounts right at $55,000, the amount Lawrence needs to repay the mob.

Lawrence is grateful for the assistance and agrees to eventually donate the full amount to charity, once he’s back on his feet and through college. He’s studying to be a mechanical engineer and enthusiastically offers his support to Delta Force. Ana discovers that Lawrence’s meal-kinesis powers are linked to his blood—he must be bleeding for those abilities to work. Lawrence promises to keep mum about Nikolai’s identity. He rejoins his family and everyone celebrates.

To forcibly yank Toby out of his shell, Ana exchanges a to-be-named favor to Orpheus, the pompous medium, for information about Toby’s parents and friend. Ana’s very snarky and short with Orpheus who, according to her analysis, lacks real arcana skills and is the wizardly equivalent of a one-trick pony. A pony that can summon the dead. Apparently the Accord refuses to accept Orpheus’s job application, and our pretentious showman is miffed. Orpheus can’t contact Toby’s parents but reveals that Terry is “on the verge of death,” most likely in a coma. Orphy tells Nikolai that he’s “surrounded by death,” and offers a reading, but Ana insults the medium until he unceremoniously tosses the teens out. Everyone agrees that Nikolai will be fine and that nothing about that encounter was ominous.

The member of Delta Force definitely the least likely to die attempts to contact his family because all the “dead family” stuff has him rattled. Unfortunately, this happens to his computer: “the screen blinks and blanks. Text crawls across the screen in white on black: I'm afraid I can't let you do that, Nikolai. The computer bricks; you will need to spend a day or two with the soldering iron and some spare capacitors to repair it." Apparently he’s picked up some sort of virus.

In the meantime, Nita and Ana take Toby costume shopping. They run into Johnny Watkins, one of the guys running for class president. Johnny's going as pizza to the Halloween dance and rudely refuses to remove any of his hot, spicy pepperoni for Nita. Toby thanks Ana for all her help and they hug it out at the mall. Nita forces to Toby to be a pirate magician and she buys the costume for him. Ana buys the chocolate that Nikolai needs for Lucy's diabetic dad. 

Homecoming Week Events!

Monday: Debate team day for Toby. Led by Daniel Gibbons, economics teacher. He's a very chipper instructor. Yvonne Bryant is there taking the student lead. Anne and Yvonne are heading up debate team. Greg's part of the debate team but isn't there for this meeting. ((Note: So Anne hurts her ankle between Monday and the dance. How?))

Halls interactions on Monday: Simon tells Chris Deland "Howdy-Doodie." Deland blocks Simon's way. Deland seems shaken but like he's trying to muster courage. He asks Simon, "Why are you doing this?" Simon says, "I see people pick on you and I can't stand it." Chris says "I'm not worth it." Simon silences him with a mock slap. "Just stop," Chris answers. Simon persists in his overtures of friendship. Chris says, "I don't wanna share getting beat up with someone else. You wouldn't have that black eye if it weren't for me." Simon says he chose to get involved. Chris says, "Just leave me alone." The bullied kid turns on his heels and walks away. If you think that’s the most emotional thing that happens, buckle up, kid.

At lunch Monday, Delta Force is interrupted by Greg Kennedy and Yvonne Bryant, doing some campaigning. He says he's going to name some great, competent curriculum area senators. He says they're going to keep a balanced budget, fun things to do, etc. Also he wants to have a Delta human outreach program. Nita asks what Greg would do if Mr. Woodrow had come to them. He says he would direct Deltas to "community resources.” Nita suggests Eddie or Kim get involved. Yvonne is gonna be Cleopatra, Greg is gonna be Marc Antony for the dance. Greg is vegetarian, which thrills Nita! However, when the couple leaves, Nita says their outreach plan is bullshit and that turning Deltas in is a terrible idea. The table agrees.

Nita talks to Eddie Kwon, who’s eating alone. She asks him about being hit by something in the hallways. It takes him a minute to remember, then he says he thought it was a wasp. Nita asks if he saw anyone around. He says, "I wouldn't put it past Troy, but that's a lot of effort for a prank." Nita asks if Eddie's other school was better. He replies "Not all schools are bad. Randy was a jock, but he was never like this." Randy used to be the football/basketball team captain but quit to focus on academics.

Ana offers to help Nikolai bake the cake to take to Lucy's but gets Nita to help her bail. Nikolai is sad but convinces Ana to take half the cake to Fay.

Science Olympiad: Meets every Thursday at the same time. Mr. Foster is the head teacher. The first event for Olympiad is Nov. 11, two weeks from this Saturday. There are three categories: anatomy and physiology; optics; potions and poisons. Randy Hines is taking notes, Ashley West is taking notes, Delilah is mostly listening. She and Ana have been through science Olympiad before. Ashley West wants to be the team captain: "I'll be available any time all the time." She always makes eye contact with Mr. Foster. Delilah wins the team captain vote. They go through the science Olympiad packets. Randy and Ilya are on optics, Ana on potions, Delilah and Ashley on anatomy.

Homecoming night:

Nikolai goes to have dinner at Lucy's. He’s dressed as Link; she’s dressed as Saria. Nikolai talks shop nonsense at Mr. Horn. Nikolai gives them the cake and the chocolate. Lucy’s parents, Nancy and Richard, are apparently amazing detectives because they’re able to suss out the fact that Nikolai lies about what his folks do for a living. They give him an out, though, by saying that they don't have to talk about it if he doesn't want to. Mr. Horn tries to give Nikolai “the talk” but Nikolai crazy awkwardly interrupts, rejecting all inappropriate touching since he and Lucy are just on friend date. Mr. Horn says Lucy considers it a very real date, and Nikolai self-destructs.

During Nita's dinner double date, she gets mugged! She can run in her Claire-from-Outlander red dress and shoe corsets. However, the luck of the Jeff-ish saves everyone again. The mugger drops her purse. Clara and Jeff are Danaerys and Khal Drogo.

Dr. Wright, Carolyn Cowens (administrative assistant), Delilah, Emma Prescott, Randy Hines, and Ana meet up at the gym before the dance. At Ana’s suggestion, the student volunteers are all scientists. Toby's also there, beaming Reyes of sunshine.  

Okay, Simon’s social drama is the most confusing because it involves 3 preppy girls who appear to be interchangeable. Simon = Beast and Katrina = Belle; Sabrina = Marie Antoinnette and her Jack = Louis XIV; Ruby = Victorian dress and her Jack = a French fop. Simon’s trying to pull double costumes by making his blue tuxedo double as a Dumb and Dumber cosplay to match Harold. It’s adorably sweet and way too sad.

Jeff says Nita looks nice and Clara gets mad so Clara asks Toby to dance then Jeff and Clara run off to make out BUT Nikolai is horrified that Lucy thinks they’re on a real date so he begs Nita for help and Nita tells him to be cool and tell her later BUT Ana’s feeling awkward about the Lucy/Nikolai situation AND Simon’s busy being heartbroken. Lucy tries to get punch from Toby, but Toby gets STUNG (probably by Troy, guys, for real). Toby says, “Sorry, Lucy. Let me get you some more PUNCH,” and command words “Punch” at Dan Bones. Dan shoves Lucy and swings a punch at Toby. Nikolai the Inspiringly-Heroic sees Lucy get shoved and intervenes. He takes the punch for Toby and gets hit so hard he forgets how to speak Russian. Dr. Wright shows up with Emma Prescott. Together, they cart Bones away. Lucy puts her hand on Nikolai’s arm and tells him that he was brave. Nita patches Nikolai up.

Brujeria performs, real music is provided, and all the players dance IRL.

Simon’s pitiful life: Ruby and Rina almost catch Simon and Harold with the Dumb and Dumber costumes, but Harold helps Simon lie to them. However, soon after, Simon snubs Harold and hangs with Katrina. Simon puts on a beast mask with a very, very elaborate gesture. Katrina is charmed by this—not put off by the joke—and kisses him. Everyone self-destructs, the dance hall explodes, and heartbreak ends the universe.

Meanwhile, Chet calls Rosa “a bitch” because she won't give him another gift bag. Ana intervenes and calls Officer Prescott. Chet jiggles the table violently and walks away. Ana tells Prescott and Prescott goes to confront Chet. Ana chats with Rosa. Rosa tells her she's stuck working at the dance because she was "skipping school."

Lucy and Nikolai get in a minor disagreement about crime and morality while Randy asks Ana to dance. Randy and Ana chat about Science Olympiad and gossip about Ashley having a crush on Mr. Foster. Nikolai tells Lucy that they shouldn't slow dance because he isn't over someone he likes. He confirms that they're just there as friends. Lucy asks if he still wants to come over and play video games sometimes. It's definitely the saddest thing ever. Even sadder than the sweetheart who’s secretly harboring an intense, same-sex love for his best friend. Okay, maybe not quite that sad. But still really, really sad. Randy keeps talking to Ana but everyone at the dance agrees that Randy is being really forward, rude, and presumptuous. And that his glasses are not classy. Ana suggests that Randy and Delilah hook up.



Nikolai interposes as much as cyborg-ly possible

Arcana gets in a magical sword fight

Nita actually uses her arrows but has no costume

Simon gets in the most expensive tennis match ever

Toby is supportive

Lots of goblins that can merge into bigger goblins wind up dissolving when Toby flicks on the sprinkler system with his cards. Shadowy, dark figures slink out of the dance hall while 6 card-themed villains start behaving violently at the dance (Queen of Hearts: in armor with sword, Queen of Diamonds: jewelry cyclone, King of Hearts: skeleton with swords stuck through him, King of Diamonds: skeleton with a glowing red eye, Jack of Hearts: man with emotion beams, Jack of Diamonds: dude’s made of diamond). Emma Prescott takes them all on with some insane jujitsu. Officer has skills.

Strobe-light filled, music-filled panic, mostly-dark room. Simon has stashed Delta Force costumes under the punch table ((Blake and his hero points ftw)), and Toby, Nikolai, and Simon all duck under to make ou—to change into their costumes. Some inexplicable things happen: a goblin explodes into fireworks without Delta Force doing anything, one of the skeletons gets slammed against the wall without Delta Force doing anything, a locked door opens (with a card from the outside?) without Delta Force doing anything, Randy tackles the Jack of Hearts, Alabama track runner kid tackles the Suicide King, Harold charges the King of Diamonds with his Dumb and Dumber cane, Rosa throws chairs at people, Chet tries his best to help but go home, kid, you’re drunk. There are definitely secret Deltas EVERYWHERE.

Then Delta Force does stuff. Nita shoots arrows at all the bad guys, without her costume on. Her boyfriend THROWS HIMSELF between her and the Suicide King, but Nita, fearing for his safety, locks Erik out of the room. Simon saves his boyfri—his best friend and then throws the Jack of Diamonds at the Queen of Diamonds. A lot. Many times. Toby supports everybody with his inspiring words. Ana and Nikolai team up to smash the Queen of Heart’s sword. Nita taunts and distracts the Suicide King. Ana heals Officer Prescott when the older women starts to inconveniently bleed out. Toby then instructs Prescott to "run" and she bolts out of the room. Ultimately, Delta Force poofs all the villains into cards except the Queen of Diamonds. She yields and has been taken captive.

Notable quotes:

Nita, snarking at the suicide King: “They call you the suicide king cuz you’re not worth the homicide?”

Arcana, snarking at the ostentatious medium: “Cut it out, orifice. Orpheus.”

Simon, hurling the Jack of Diamonds into the Queen of Diamonds: "Cause diamonds are a hurl's best friend."

Blake: "I do have a complication about juggling social spheres."

Sean: "Yeah, Simon does need to start juggling those spheres…"

Simon, when Harold bravely and stupidly charges the Kind of Diamonds: "Why are all the pretty ones so dumb?"

S2E2: Monster Hunting
This is Halloween

Date of Session: 10/1/17

Season: 2

Episode: 2

Players: Everybody

Author: Blake

Summary: En route to the docks, riding in the BnK limo, trying to find Lawrence's location. Docks have security guards, but it is beyond primary Monster territory. Monster territory growing into former Jungle Lord territory. Docks are in lowlight and state of constant disrepair, broken windows and decrepit buildings. Nita turns into a dog to sniff out Lawrence, discovers area littered with fresh blood. Delta Force finds guy clad in black, hanging by neck from street lamp, unused gun on ground. Psych cuts him down. Guy is breathing but not conscious, face all cut up, nose gone. Ana heals the man, scar tissue where nose was. Man coughs, shakes out of temporal acceleration, speaks only in a hoarse cry, looks at group, stops when he sees us. Toby reads his mind, "What does Slab have to do with it?" We sense someone nearby in the dark. Voice calls out, "Maurice, are you over here?" Guy comes forward into light gun in hand, checks out friend, then leaves to look for his radio. Maurice works for Slab, did not recognize guy with gun. Ana: "guy is a fake. it's a trap". Hangman is nearby, "Hello metal man", attacks Nikolai with garrote, Nikolai resists and sees silhouette of The Hangman. Delta Force enters combat with two Monsters. Simon moves Maurice to south of area. The Butcher attacks Toby. Toby blocks her attack, critically with forearm guards in jacket. Tesla clocks The Hangman good. Hangman counterattacks, bruises Tesla who toughs it out. Hangman hops down and fades into darkness. Arcana discloses that the Hangman has weak mental resilience. La Mente attacks The Butcher, steals her knife and light her face gauze on fire. Psych puts The Butcher in a cage, she seeps through it, becomes physical, attacks Toby. Ursa bear attacks The Butcher, slamming her into a container. Psych puts Hangman in a bubble cage, Hangman shouts in anger. Butcher attacks Ursa, Ursa shrugs off fire, tough ass bear and all. Butcher disappears. Tesla informs team Slab is incoming from the north. Arcana exhausts Hangman with a spell while he is trapped in cage. Psych carries everyone out of the area, plus Maurice, before Slab arrives. We want to take Maurice to hospital. Still have exhausted, helpless Hangman in cage.

We evac into secluded lot to interrogate Hangman. Toby and Nita in charge of that. Hangman is tall, fit, 40s, grey eyes, salt and pepper hair. We disarm him of rope, he has radio transmitter for setting off traps, burglar's kit. Team totally debases the serial killer with their search of his person, taking his effects and clothes leaving him butt naked. I put the bubble around Toby and Nita also for the interrogation. La Mente wakes him, bluffs about having Butcher in custody. Hangman seems confident. "Where is she?" he barks. Threatens Toby, Toby laughs at him, having nothing to hurt him with. La Mente and the Hangman in a tete a tete, attempts intimidation v Hangman, tells Toby "Ace Chemical" as to where Sandman is, says we can't take Sandman out. Sandman plays games, treats people like toys. Toby asks about security. Nikolai and Ana debate the merits of killing him since he has the highest kill count of the Monsters and targets women, and maybe too dangerous for police. Toby informs party of what he learned. We agree to take him to a random, distant police station and leave an anonymous tip for CIDD to pick him up, and warn CIDD about Butcher. We agree to release video to public of Hangman's capture. Copy of message with video:

Video: Delta Force gathers in front of the prone figure of The Hangman. The woman in the center, dressed in a knee-length duster and sporting a sleek-looking mask, speaks. The Arcana: This gestures to the figure on the floor is The Hangman. A notorious serial killer who stalks women, enters their homes, and murders them in cold blood. He has evaded capture by the local police force, and by CIDD itself. Tonight, Delta Force has apprehended him. We will be turning him over to the proper authorities so that they can put this heinous criminal behind bars where he belongs.  Delta Force continues to act on behalf of all the residents of New York City, Delta and non-Delta alike. We, a group of Deltas, strive to create safe streets where you and your families can live without fear. We also seek the establishment of a just, fair society where individuals are not subject to prejudice or unfair monitoring simply because of who they are. A message to the ardent youth in the community: while Delta Force sees and appreciates your efforts, remember, we are highly trained, committed individuals. You can best help us and the city, not by taking martial matters into your own hands, but by speaking out against discrimination and injustice in your schools and neighborhoods. Psych: You know Delta Force has your back, New York. Out.

Delta Force goes to Ace Chemicals, firmly in Monster territory. In parking lot, we encounter boy chained to the lot, which is sparsely lit by posts. Nita scouts the lot as a hawk, attracts boy's attention. Tesla picks up a radio frequency that is talking about his family (mom thinks he's dead). Ana has a rune that acts like a lantern for the party. We hear footfalls behind us, walking east then west. Tesla tracks radio signal. Simon rips up a distant light post and swings it around the group like a helicopter. Go to boy. Boy is all cut up, nervously sees us, "Oh my god! Hurry, he's in there!" Boy says they left him out there to feed it. Simon attempts to remove chain from ground and there is nothing to pick up, nothing of mass. Boy disappears. Nita tells Toby there is a lot of rage noise coming from building. Door of building opens. It's Lawrence Miller, all tore up, naked, covered in razor wire, which is moving him about like a spider. Sandman to our right under a different post. Sandman sicks Lawrence on us. Ursa goes to Lawrence as a bear. Sandman disappears, replaced by bees and wasps and such, wolves come out of the west. Toby dissolves a wolf into smoke with a card throw. Simon flies to top of post and hits wolves by swinging light pole at them, they dissolve to mist. Tesla tries to talk down Lawrence. Ana tries getting inside Lawrence's mind, but she is forced out by a sheer wall of anger. Ana disappears with Sandman as her light goes out. A Dark Ana and good Ana covered in haze return. Toby is attacked by bees. Nikolai is thrown by Lawrence into the factory. Simon carries Toby to the front of the building by the door and mind punches Darkana. Toby is caught in a magic cage by Darkana. Nikolai is talking down Lawrence who is still under Sandman's thrall, he gets out 5 words through the comms "in the building with Lawrence". Ana gets some comms out, "I am illusioned. Get La Mente out of the bubble. It's poisoned." Ana blasts away illusions with arcane blast and reveals Sandman in truth, he is bleeding some. Nita becomes falcon and enters building, returns to human form and shoots net arrows at Lawrence, misses. Nikolai stands between Nita and Lawrence, he is too good to allow Nita to hurt him. Lawrence squeezes Nikolai with razor wire, bless his heart. Simon pops the poison bubble capturing Toby, Toby not doing good. Sandman attempts to retreat but Ana hits him in the back with a magic attack. Nita fails to hit Lawrence with a bowstaff, Lawrence thinks she is the Butcher. Actual Butcher shows up, bloodied. Retreats with Butcher. Sandman creates more bees, wolves, and a damn shark. Psych picks up the shark and bats the bees out of the air with it. Nikolai continues to talk Lawrence out of his freakout. Ana flies into the air and fails to connect with an attack on the Sandman. Nita and Nikolai keep fighting, Ilya takes a whomping from Nita's bowstaff. Simon throws the shark at the last bee, killing both. Lawrence picks up Tesla through his metal armor, revealing he can control metal telekinetically, which Nikolai tells the party over the comms. Wolves dissipate when they rush Ana. Toby is totally unconscious and fucked up, Ana heals him some, Toby regains consciousness and is able to act. Nita flashbangs Lawrence at point blank, fails, critically, knocks bow away, Nita shouts, "Oh no, you took my arrows! What will I do WHEN I'M A BEAR!" Simon rushes into building and picks up Lawrence, levitating him in the air, where he flails helplessly. Lawrence thinks Psych is Smiler. Tesla makes a passionate plea for Simon to put him down. Ana calms him with her spell. Lawrence mind clears but is still unsure of us, who he does not know. We recap the situation to Lawrence, our journey looking for him. Lawrence says that what has happened to him (powers) is very new. Nita regrets never having a chance to hit Lawrence. Lawrence to Ana, "If I can keep these (wires), I will go with you."

Delta Force returns to HQ with Lawrence in tow. Toby passes out because he got wiped out. Lawrence wants some clothes, Nikolai offers some of his. Arcana heals the barbed man. Asked as to why he was in Monster territory, he missed his subway stop, tried to walk to Jade Palace and encountered Sandman. All he remembers. He does not want us to tell his family he is alive on account of his debt to the Costellos (55gs). Biggest mafia family in US. We promise to come up with a solution for his debt. Bounty hunting, bank robbery, lot of options on the table. Probably bank robbery.

S2E1: Back to School
Bully All This

Date of Session: 09/24/17

Season: 2

Episode: 1

Players: Errybody

Author: Sean

Summary: In a series of separate events, all of our young heroes return to school. Ana, during the torture of various brine shrimp for SCIENCE, finds her beaker mysteriously exploding and sending scalding water on her. (coughItWasTroySkeltoncough) Her main rival Delilah appears to help clean the spilled materials and invites Ana to help chaperone the Homecoming Dance, which she accepts, after trying to push the now rejected Ilya off on Delilah.

Ilya had an interesting one-on-one meeting, due to some absences, helping anti-Delta Force but pro-technology student Lucy Horn. Lucy invites Ilya to the Homecoming Dance. Ilya says yes. This will not cause any drama.

Nita is surrounded in the hallway by her arch(ery)rival Clara and Clara's new perhaps preternaturally lucky boyfriend Jeff Ortiz, as well as Nita's boyfriend Eric. They talk about double-dating to the dance when Nita and the nearby Eddie Kwon, a cuffed Deltahuman, are both stung by a mysterious power (coughStillTroySkeltoncough).

Simon is hanging out with his bestie (and unrequited love) Harold when he is approached by popular girl Sabrina Collins and Ruby Wohl, who ask Simon if he would be willing to take Katrina Gautreaux to the dance. While Simon approaches the subject with Katrina, he spies Chet Huntley forcing the constantly bullied Chris Deland into a nearby bathroom. Taking a stand, Simon follows them in and, using his powers, ties Chet's shoes together from a distance. Chet falls, Chris escapes, and Simon gets a complimentary black eye from Chet as a reward. After rejoining Katrina, Chris Shulz appears to try and garner interest from Simon and Katrina for a Halloween movie night. His tastes in horror films definitely lean toward the gory. And the unoriginal.

Toby, with far too many absences and a reputation that is not exactly glowing among the administration, is in a meeting with the principal alongside fellow student and delinquent Rosa Lopez. As a punishment for absences, to avoid repeating a grade, Toby and Rosa must work the homecoming dance. Rosa will work the goodie bag table, and Toby will be serving punch. After their punishment is detailed, Toby somehow forgets how to be his suave self with the ladies and allows an awkward conversation with Rosa to die off. But things pick up when a muffled clap is heard and Rosa very suddenly takes a swing at Toby. Toby dodges and notices Dan Bones, whom they just passed, making some sort of suspicious movement. After Rosa storms off, saying, "If you ever touch my ass again, I will kill you," Toby decides to confront Dan and get a little mind reading in. Confirming Dan did something, though he isn't sure what, Toby's confrontation lands him another visit to the principal and a detention.

During lunch, the group gathers to discuss various goings on. Toby brings up his being forced to work the dance, and Ana states she will also be working the dance. Simon says he'll be going to the dance as well. A discussion of whether or not the bullies have powers and what to do about them is cut short when Chris Shulz again appears to gauge interest for a horror film marathon for Halloween. He manages to insult Nita's community service with the Girl Scouts, and that conversation ends immediately. We start to discuss what Delta Force will do on Halloween when we get a surprise visit from Lucy Horn, who openly insults books (to Ana's dismay) and suggests an ease and level of intimacy with Ilya that causes some drama. Especially after Lucy calls Toby and Simon bad influences and Ilya suddenly drops the information that he and Lucy will be going to the dance together.


Nita drags Ana to the lockers while Ilya laments how he feels he is going to be the cause of the collapse of Delta Force. Ana notices holes in Nita's shirt above her mysterious wound. Perhaps a laser attack.

(Retcon: Added lunch conversation. The book the shadow magic users attempted to steal would be used to reanimate someone dead and give them shadow magic. We are not certain who they would use this for. The Coven, specifically Baldwin, currently has possession of the book. Ana brings up the news about the new deltahuman Maeve, asks Ilya if he could at some point obtain police footage of what happened to her. Ana also broaches the subject of both Psych and La Mente causing injuries during patrol, suggesting practice sessions for non-violent delights.)

Zoom ahead to after school (and after detention), when the group makes preparations for the paella dinner at Grandma Fay's place tonight. Ilya and Simon plan to make desserts and go to Ilya's room to put stuff away. There, they run into the principal, school resource officer Emma Prescott, Ilya's roommate Philip Miller, and Philip's parents. We learn that Philip's brother Lawrence has gone missing, perhaps somewhere in Monster territory. Paella is put on hold (though Fay knew, packing sandwiches in Ana's backpack) as the group is gathered to talk about saving Lawrence. Toby's street information lets him know there's a lot of turmoil in Monster territory, especially after Delta Force cleaned out the Jungle Lords. Slab (now known as Wrecking Ball), the Monsters, and a newcomer toy-themed tinker named Control Freak have created a gang-warfare warzone in the area. Ilya and Nita talk to Philip and learn that his brother might have been involved in some drugs because of his trips to the Jade Palace, likely run by the mysterious gang the Buzoku no Kami, in Brooklyn.

The group decides that learning what Lawrence was doing at the Jade Palace might help them retrace his steps and locate him more quickly. After a somewhat convoluted plan involving an invisible Tesla entering the Jade Palace to attempt hackery, and Ursa finally getting to use arrows by blowing up a mailbox and sneaking in during the distraction, it turns out it was all fairly pointless because somehow the BnK knew (supposedly since noon, long before we knew about Lawrence) that we were on our way there, though they don't know why.

After a mostly peaceful meeting with the BnK (minus Tesla's outburst about justice), we are handed information that Lawrence applied for a job in security there, but was rejected due to unfortunate past troubles with work and current major debt. After Arcana uses some Sight Through the Veil, determining Lawrence is currently undergoing some sort of maze trial involving razor wires that cut into him.

Time to head to the docks.

S2E0: Persephone Prelude
All I Wanna Do / Is See You Turn Into / A Giant Woman!

Date of Session: 09/10/17

Season: 2

Episode: 0

Players: All present

Author: Savannah


Persephone HQ

We start out in the command hall at the Persephone HQ where Elyse Fielding (Persephone
founder and our boss) is giving us directives for our new mission. We are to travel to Sighisoara,
Romania (a city currently controlled by the Kulak after a recent military takeover). The Kulak is a Russian
intelligence group similar to the KGB.
Mission Directives in order of importance:
1) Rescue Dr. Karl Weber and take him into Persephone custody. Dr. Weber helped design the
levitation engines that EAGLE used for their mobile bases.
2) Assassinate Ivan Sirko (important member of the Kulak)
3) Free the prisoners taken by the Kulak
Afterward, the Persephone agents talk “strategy.” Bernard tells Sinn about how he doesn’t get any
complaints from the ladies about his long-range weapon. Sinn counters with how she prefers things to
be-up close and intimate. Sinn asks Kumiko for details about her physical enhancements. Then
everybody takes a fifteen minute break and a cold shower before reconvening. JK!
Kumiko, Bernard, and Sinn also discuss how they feel about working for Persephone. Bernard and Sinn
enjoy the freedom it gives them. Kumiko has ethical concerns about being a mercenary for hire. Bernard
argues that the US govt is corrupt (CIDD) and Persephone is fighting back. They speculate about Elyse’s

Sighisoara, Romania

The team is dropped off in Sighisoara. As planned, Inferno and Kryonic team up to create a distraction
while Sinn, Apex, and Kumiko break into the building with Dr. Weber and Ivan Sirko.
Bernard flies around in his invulnerable fire form and sets a church on fire. It is very distracting. He and
Sergei fight some tanks and KRUSADRS (robots stolen, reprogrammed, and repurposed on the black
market by the Kulak). Sergei gets shot a bunch, but it’s no big.
Meanwhile, Kumiko uses her nanobots and Sinn uses her perception skills to locate the hostages in the

Things get complicated when XEROX shows up and Kumiko falls out of a window (the two are
unrelated). Xerox turns giant and teleports around.
Notable Banter:
Bernard to Xerox: Hey, there! I have a thing for big, beautiful blondes.
Xerox: Ha! I remember you when you were just ankle high.
Bernard: Let’s tango, beautiful!
Xerox (after sitting on top of Bernard): Just like when I used to babysit you, now go to sleep!
Bernard (after Xerox crushes Sergei’s snow man): You get away from my dad, you bitch!
Kumiko locates Weber and Sirko on the second floor of the building. Sinn and Apex murder a bunch of
Kulak soldiers. Sergei, Xerox, and Bernard fight a bunch.
Things get even more complicated when the dead guys start coming back as zombies and Dreadnought
shows up and kills a bunch of civilians.
Then we ran out of time and Trey gave it a narrative finish: Apex kills Sirko, Bernard grabs Dr. Weber and
another civilian or two, Sinn rescues a civilian, and everybody makes it out alive before Dreadnought
manages to kill everyone.
IMPORTANT DETAIL: Bernard and Sergei noticed that Xerox saved them from getting murdered by the
Dreadnought. They make sure to include this detail in the report to Elyse.


S1E8: Time for a Field Trip
Wherein Delta Force MET the Archivists


Date of Session: 08/20/17

Season: 1

Episode: 8

Players: All present

Author: Savannah


8/20/17 Episode Notes
Christy quote: “Am I supposed to say everything great that’s ever been great?” (about Worm) 
Casey quote: “Custodial lives matter!” (B/c we care about janitors a lot in this game)

At the beginning of the session, we spent a lot of time brainstorming about how to handle the baddies at the museum. We decided that our first priority would be to stop the Archivists from getting away with whatever they were planning, be it a terrorist attack, summoning ritual, theft, etc. 

Here is our stated plan as written in my notes: “Don’t split up unless necessary. Disguise ourselves as city officials to declare a gas leak. Get civilians out first. Take out Bawkus ASAP.”  I also remember something about planning a traffic jam at a pizza place as a good excuse for everyone being late to class after the lunch period. 

Here’s what actually happened: 

  1. We started out at school. Nikolai texted everyone a super secret message indicating that there was a blackout at the museum and that we needed to head out ahead of schedule. 
  2. Everybody ditched class and rode in Nita’s car to the museum. 
  3. We had to stop before we got to the museum because volcano mutants were attacking civilians. (The volcano mutants were previously civilians who were exposed to a drug.) We didn’t want the archivists to get away so we decided to split up. Psych and Arcana stayed to save the civilians while the rest of the group took the back way to the museum. 
  4. Psych and Ana saved the civilians through the power of team work and punchy one-liners. (Objects under psych’s control are closer than they appear.) Psych dropped a car on a mutant and one of the rescued civilians got a video of us on her phone. 

Noteworthy things about the Archivists: 

  • The archivists knew we were coming and had a vendetta against us (Delta Force) for fucking with their allies. 
  • They made mutants that they could control (or at least not be attacked by). 
  • Archivists = Shadow Magic users in robes and masks w/ glowing purple eyes 
  • Known Archivist powers: shadow magic bolts, darkness generation, teleportation (Childs), portals (group ritual) 
  • The Archivists talked about defeating death. They were at the museum to steal a book. 
  • Grayson Childs was the most powerful of the wizards we fought. He had a weird, cracked face and purple eyes. He also has a distorted voice. He seemed to teleport away

Noteworthy things about the museum fight: 

  • Nita saved the hostages taken by the archivists. She had to turn into a bear and kill a couple of wizards to do it. I think noted killing was performed by changing from a hawk mid-flight into a bear and crushing the people below her. 
  • Ilya hacked the security system and the cameras, which was super helpful. He also took a beating from Childs and a minion without getting killed. Yay, more meat shields for the party wizard! He was eventually knocked unconscious, but Ana healed him. (They hug and it’s adorable.) 
  • Toby was kidnapped by the shadow wizards. I think one of them grabbed him and jumped into the portal they created to escape. 
  • Delta Force saved the day again by stopping the Archivists from stealing the book they wanted from the museum. Delta Force is now in possession of the book. 
S1E7: Delta Force
comes out of the closet

Date of Session: 08/06/17

Season: 1

Episode: 7

Players: Blake, Casey, Christy, Savannah, Sean

Author: Christy


*note: for the purposes of less confusion, I'm going to use our real names for myself and Casey so I don't have to type out body swap confusion. Use your imagination people! Also, this episode was mostly informaiton gathering, so if I got anything wrong, please let me know! 

We continue where we left off, in the dungeon of ArcLabs, with a forcefield holding off a gas attack. Casey as Nita grabs the Professor's gas mask and goes to finish downloading some hopefully incriminating information. Sketchy, helpful NPC Craig Marston helps, suggesting that Casey as Nita takes the whole hard drive, so that they are hopefully left with none of the original information. 

Rescued (for now) folks:

  • Daniel Hessen, currently in pink body with no skin, transparent, everything hurts him 
  • Craig Marston – see info below
  • Sally – 7 ft tall, double jointed, eats raw whole chickens, snake like features, forked tongue 
  • Gregor – member of the Family, currently stuck in POD form, bc dangerous 
  • Rachel – member of the Family, was not experimented on to her knowledge 

We beat a hasty retreat through the sewers, with Pysch "carrying" GregorPod, the Professor, and Daniel. We exit into a field where they are flushing chemicals. Pysch plays with the Professor like he's a death eater, twirling him in the air. Then we find out Psych flies at walking speed, so that is SUPER LAME. Apparently, he's working on it. (Spend some PP yo). 

As we are escaping, we find out that Craig already had powers before being grabbed, but the powers are currently dampened from the slime. The other say they did not have powers before, but they do now. Christy as Ilya says to shut it and let's make a plan. Chatting is for later! 

The Arcana comes up with a Taxi plan, that we all flesh out. Casey as Nita, Toby, Craig, and Rachel all take a taxi back to our HQ. Christy as Ilya drives everyone else in her car, the Prof in the trunk, the Arcana to invisible the Pod, Pysch to lift the Pod, Sally, and Daniel. Blindfolds are used to protect our Safehouse's location. But before we leave, Christy as Ilya makes a HEROIC target run to pick up food, clothes, a whole chicken, chocolate for Arcana, water and towels for cleaning that GOO, and red bulls which are now called red monsters b/c of bigotry. 

While Christy as Ilya makes a heroic target run, the rest of the group hides in the woods and gets to chatting.

We find out Daniel was a chemical engineer at arc labs and was involved in some kind of accident. He was taken downstairs, and they began experimenting on him a year ago, has no family.

We also find out that Craig is all about the vengeance and wants the Professor dead, like for real dead. He is a little cagey on answering our questions. Eventually he tells us that he was part of a faction that split off after Cassidy fell, He was captured by CIDD and escaped multiple times. 14 years ago was his last jaunt, but Toby is hopeful he can help us help his friends. Craig led a group that splintered from the SFU, or at least that's what the books say. Also,  (Society For the Unrepresented, a very hush-hush group of anomaly-sympathizers and supporters. Given their prolictivity to hiding from the law and society at large, they are looked at quite suspiciously for their involvement in illegal or unethical affairs. However, they are also famous for their involvement with new Anomalies and their families, providing support that they might not otherwise get).

We also find out that Sally went looking for powers but was kidnapped and given these. Later, we learn she is not super pleased with the outcome, predictably. She is interested in a reversal.

We also find out, via Daniel, that the scientists were trying to do something with a genetic catalyst through blood and the human genome to cause/manifest powers. Basically, trying to replicate what was in Craig's blood that gave him powers. So that others could get powers. That's what they were doing to Daniel, and later we find out that it's Daniel's blood that led to Gregor's powers.  

We find out that Craig can create a swarm of bugs from his body. It was more impressive than I'm making it sound. 

ERMAHGAWD, Ana's phone is missing. After extensive back and forth, Trey finally convinces us that this will not be used to track us and please would we let it go b/c he has mysterious plans. 

<u>Questioning the Professor </u>

Same style as last time, although now it's weird b/c it's Ilya being intimidating and Nita arguing for the moral way :). We wanted to find out how to reverse what the Prof did, how to help Gregor, What is the goal of the Met heist, and is it still happening. Jungle Lord and Monster HQ, who he is, what's his story, does he have powers. Not asking for much really, he could have been more helpful. What's up with that? 

He truthfully tells us the combination code to GregorPod is 75353. He tells us if we release Gregor, it will be fine, but he'll die from advanced metabolic failure in a few days. He says he has no powers but talents, and a brilliant mind. 

Toby pulls us aside to say that Prof noticed an outlet and thinks he can do something with it. The situation is likely more dangerous than we thought. Toby also reads that Daniel is in trouble and without the ooze, he's going to run out of blood. The same is true with Gregor. It can be reversed but only with his facility,  he believes. Daniel needs a pod to live. Daniel's blood is keeping Gregor stable. We might be able to use his DNA instead of his blood, but Daniel's bald so……. 

Arcana questions Dan, she blisses him out and is the most awkward. He makes no sense. Arcana talks to Sally and finds out that she had to fight when she was let out of the pod. Sally also lets us know that the cannisters from the lab have the goop formula and chemicals, and she is willing to help us break in. Brave AF snake! Arcana also talks to Craig who informs her that Gregor is one of Dan's "blood kids" (that's what I'm calling it). And that Dan is one of Craig's "blood kids", so that is why Gregor is so unstable. Their process for the blood transfer isn't working fully, or barely really. 

Casey as Nita makes some tech checks on that harddrive she liberated. Whelp, we can't let Gregor out. That much is clear! He will emit radioactive energy that kills at short range. He will irradiate things for away, and his vitals are off the chart. 

ERMAHGAWD, the missing phone calls Ilya's phone. Casey as Nita answers it. It's a mole! He asks if we were B&E and if he reached the group that pulled the caper. He wants a favor, for us to finish the job. He sounds sincere. He knows that the gangs are attacking the Met, but he's not sure what they're after. He is supposed to supply them with his local delta contacts. He admits that they made a gas that turns people into monsters/deltas. Grayson Childs = Fissure, who is the architect of the MET attack. Carson and this guy (who we assume is Trever Lawson, ArcLabs CFO) got the dampen power formula and the blood catalyst plans from Fissure. He emails us some partially redacted information, see notes. The security cheif has disappeared. We have NO CLUE about that ;). He can get us some equipment we need to syntheisize a short supply of the blood. We also have the formula for the goop. 

Ilya could make a suit for Daniel and the goop, but he would need a better workshop and a way to refresh nutrient goop. 

We decide to do a video and announce ourselves to the world! We release the Professor to the police, along with a flash drive with the ArcLab info. Craig agrees to work with us. Video text is here: 

We have a group hug, a group name, and agree to make decisions by vote. We offer Sally a place in the group, and she says she'll think about it. 

From the emails. B Keeper = Trevor Lawson, The Alchemist – Carson 

Ana agrees to make us some forged doctors notes. Everyone goes back to their people and spills the beans except Ilya. At midnight, BODIES RESWAPPED. YAY

We decided to use PP & EP for comms. 

The END 



S1E6: Our Bodies, Our Selves
Legend of the Sewer Bears

Date of Session: 07/30/17

Season: 1

Episode: 6

Players: Blake, Casey, Christy, Savannah

Author: Casey


A reconnaissance mission. A spell gone wrong. A fight. Another. The start of a bold rescue.


WE FIND OUR HEROES outside a crummy hotel at 6 a.m. on Thursday (a school day!!!) August, 31, making peace after a brief, emotional kerfuffle. Nita's father texts her to let her know he'll be accompanying a client to DC next week to provide legal counsel. A quick internet search from Nikolai reveals that this client is NONE OTHER than Carson Long, the CEO of the notorious ArcLabs, OWNER of the VERY FACILITY where the innocent Gregor and the blameless Rachel are being HEINOUSLY TORMENTED. It appears ArcLabs is pushing its delta-suppressant drug to CIDD using media backlash from a rash of unexpected delta attacks ARCLABS ITSELF CHEMICALLY ENGINEERED. EGADS! The shock of this revelation sends our heroes reeling into an hour-long panic nap.

8 AM!!! Nita parks her car (license plate CLEVERLY ALTERED by a color spell from Ana) about a half mile away from the ArcLabs compound. The imposing building is surrounded with fences, barbed wire, security checkpoints, guards—THE VERITABLE WORKS. Ana invizzles Toby and he sneaks in behind some regular folks arriving at work. Itsy, his tiny accompanist, ups his recon game.

Toby & the spider see lots of desk workers, some offices, a cafe, and security guards everywhere. Itsy finds a warehouse downstairs, along with card readers on the doors. But how can our heroes enter? How can the EAGLE-EYED CAMERAS be avoided?! Ana shrinks Nikolai down to a wispy inch by re-routing his mass onto Nita. Nita become ungainly and monstrous, her heart laboring to keep her alive. Nikolai, on the other hand, enjoys riding a thrilling, inconspicuous leaf-coaster that Simon wafts to the door of ArcLabs. Once in, L'Ilya puts the security cameras on a loop and opens a warehouse door before being rudely swept back outside by some passing neat-freak. In Ana's attempt to revert the masses of her companions back to normal, she accidentally causes them to switch bodies. OH WHAT HIJINKS AND SHENANIGANS

Meanwhile, Toby and Itsy ride the elevator down to the sub-basement with none other than Caron Long and his security chief. They've found the subterranean torture dungeon! Afterwards, Toby pulls the fire alarm to evacuate the building and the team sneaks in. Simon psychically yanks the elevator down to the sub-basement and a mighty brawl breaks out.

The gang battles the Professor, a gas-mask-clad madman armed with a color-changing death gun, an energy-absorbing vambrace (look it up—I had to), and an assortment of chemical weapons and electrifying gadgets. While Simon tosses scientists to-and-fro, Nita-as-Tesla punches the Professor into submission and Ana arcanely turns back the clock on his attempt to flood the room with gas. Nikolai-as-Bear crushes the Professor into unconsciousness and he is trussed up and floated along with us, courtesy of Simon. His mask, by the by, concealed a face unnaturally carved into a smile, along with a missing nose and some obvious reconstructive surgery. Just so you know. GROSS.

Human-sized pods along the walls and rushing water beneath the grated floor greet the heroes as they proceed. They find 5 occupied pods and a console that identifies them as: Craig Marston, John Doe, Sally Silcox, Daniel Hesson, and Jane Doe. John and Jane are Gregor and Rachel, respectively. The pods contain life-giving goop, along with the delta-supressant drug, DD86, to keep the "specimens" from running amok. Another console outside a barbaric "combat room" includes video and details of the experiments. The Professor's key card gives access to all this delicious data. BUT IF YOU THINK THINGS WERE OKAY, THEY WEREN'T.

Long's chief of security busts in through Ana's force field and initiates ANOTHER, EVEN TOUGHER battle. Nikolai-as-Ursa rushes to download some incriminating video evidence while Simon, Nita-as-Tesla, and Ana battle the slippery, insanely dangerous security chief. IT SEEMED AS THOUGH INTERVENTION FROM THE GODS THEMSELVES KEPT HER ALIVE. Toby, in the meantime, uses THE POWER OF HIS HEART to rush through the pod-opening procedures at breakneck speed. All but John Doe were freed. According to the Professor, John was dangerously  unstable and, as such, will be left in stasis and carried out through the sewer in his entire pod by the heavy-lifting Psych. Eventually, the security chief, sending IMMINENT DEFEAT, blasts some fire sensors and activates spouts of toxic halogen gas. She makes a hasty exit as Simon contains the gas using force fields. 

WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT? Will the team fulfill the prophecy and become the sewer bears, riding waves of filth to freedom? Will Nikolai manage to download the rest of the data from that juicy, juicy desktop? Will Ana ever manage to get Nikolai and Nita back into their rightful bodies? Will Simon be able to save all of the former captives? And have those poor souls been genetically altered past all hope of normalcy? TUNE IN NEXT WEEK

((Player notes: Aight y'all we rolled like, literally, a billion critical hits and also some critical failures. Hero points were tossed like freaking hot potatoes from the GMs to the players and back again. Toby (with Casey rolling TYVM) got TWO crits in a row on his tech checks to open the pods. Nita-as-Tesla (Christy) got a critical hit on a You Sound Sick affliction AND THE GM ROLLED A CRITICAL MISS. Never in my wildest dreams has such heady madness occurred.))


S1E5: Movin' on Up to Infighting
Delta Force: Toby or Not Toby?

Date of Session: July 23, 2017

Season: 1

Episode: 5

Players: all

Author: Blake

Summary: We depart the warehouse with Marco Lombardi and Hobo Joe in tow. The gang is en route to its new headquarters for an interrogation of Lombardi as to the whereabouts of Toby's missing Family members Rachel and Gregor, the origin and nature of the white, delta-genic pills, and the process by which people can have latent delta abilities permanently activated.

Ever the studious prepper, Ana has procured the headquarters in advance from  Beatrix, one of her mom's magical friends. It is an enchanted apartment in a bad side of town. A third floor one bedroom for prying eyes, but within is a bookish bungalow of sensible tastes and means. Three bedrooms, two and a half baths, and a utility closet converted into a prison cell. Curious coming from Beatrix, but perfect for our purposes. 

Kith and kin to all transients, Toby converses with Hobo Joe as to his identity and what he knows. 'Joe' is Jonas. He relates his experience in Marco's capture mentioning the two others locked with him, a man and woman bearing Rachel and Gregor's descriptions. "They took away the two others in there. Didn't sound good what they were going to do to them." Jonas turns over the flask given to him by Gregor. Thanked for his info, Jonas jumps at the opportunity to clean and rest. By the binds of vagabondage, Toby asseverates his trust of Jonas.

It had been a hot minute since any of the party had had a bite to eat, and after restless battle, we had grown restless in hunger. We find mostly nibbles and old candy, which is fine. Toby teases Simon with his previous apple antics as if he still had them to eat, to which Simon responds, "I don't have apples. I don't want to be associated with jugglers." Everyone chows, and with restored spirits, remembers the bound ganglord in the trunk of Nita's SUV.

So as not to arouse suspicion, Toby commands Marco's silence and Simon walks him up to the apartment like a monopoly piece, depositing him in the cell, expecting his 'spandexed' inquisition. First, Toby and Ana search his person confiscating his weapons and two white pills. Ilya retrieves the SIM card from his phone for investigation. Contemplating the troubles with Weasel's interrogation, Toby experiments with a truth-telling command upon Ilya that is successful. Toby runs his hand through Marco's hair, and tickles out answers from his mind with a "Tell the truth." Recoiling in astonishment, Lombardi shouts, "I'm Marco Fuckin' Lombardi! Who the FUCK are you?!" Never two to possess an imposing presence, Ana and Ilya attempt to counter with intimidation, much to their embarrassment. Simon steps in, and with a combination of telekinetic force and everyday coulrophobia, intimidates Marco effortlessly. In a conflagration of hero points, Toby seeks the fate of Rachel and Gregor. Nita helps Marco clear his throat with the tip of an arrow. All Lombardi knows is that the two Family members were picked up by his business partners in a blue van, and probably for experimentation at some sort of lab or medical facility. The nature of the experiments is a mystery to him, but Marco understands his pill supplier has greater schemes than mere gang warfare. He does not mind this relationship so long as he gets paid 'fat stacks' and he gets the perks of advanced soldiers and hookups from the gig. Convinced we exhausted his usefulness, Ilya pleads with the hardened gang leader to turn from his wicked ways. "I think you will find that a life of crime does not pay," Ilya appeals over the snickering of his allies. Remorseful, Simon meets Ilya back to back, arms crossed, teens together, too cool for crime.

We drop the Jungle Lord in New Jersey, Ana promising, "If you don't say anything about us, then you have nothing to fear." The gang takes him to a lonely, debris strewn beach. Lombardi gazes out upon the gray waters, his mind lapping in the waves how he will survive being compromised, and by do-gooder teens at that. "Hey, want to hear a joke?" Simon intones. Implacably stern, Marco meets his eyes. "My grandfather has the heart of a lion, and a lifetime ban from the zoo." A man of concrete, Marco is unfazed. The gang drives away, leaving the kingpin to walk home to a mirthless life.

Delta Force returns to the apartment for more details from Jonas. A sandwich and kombucha picked up along the way for the once hapless captive. Jonas is gracious. As necessary for a ritual, Toby masterfully persuades Jonas to part with some hallucinatory mushrooms. Jonas shades his story of Rachel and Gregor. Jonas was caught while walking to get a sandwich. Extremely nervous of his fate, Gregor comforted him with drags from his flask, which Jonas held onto after Rachel and Gregor were taken away. An event that preceded his rescue earlier in the daytime. Two masked men with keycards came in a blue van and took Toby's compatriots away. Jonas then relates his past at our behest. Jonas is not part of the Family, but was once a resistance fighter many years ago. He built special communications equipment in a workshop pro bono. Cynical of making a difference against a seemingly omniscient government, he ran from that life as his confederates were rounded up. Toby's inquest reveals the workshop and equipment to be long gone. Ana offers him a contact with a potential job as a gardener, which he gratefully accepts. Thankful to the comrade, our heroes return him to his home under the Brooklyn Bridge.

The night is complete in the shadow of the bridge. Returning from Jonas' home, Ana and Simon glimpse a female silhouette in an alley, something metal in her hand, illumined by starlight. The two inform the gang, but the figure is not there when everyone looks back. Ana, Simon, and the ever-eager Ilya investigate. Foolishly leading the way, Simon's leg slips a trap and is lifted heavenward by a rope. The others rush into the alley, and across the street in the darkened rift between buildings is the Butcher of the Brooklyn Bridge, blades in outstretched hands. The gang assumes the Hangman is nearby if one Madison Street Monster is here on account of the trap. Simon flies to slacken the line and slips out. The Butcher sinks into the shadows, and none too soon, Toby pleas for a hasty evacuation. Toby is, after all, 'concerned with everyone.' Nita's ride is parked shortly away with a macabre message etched into the door, "Welcome to the Neighborhood." A tensile metal wire is also rigged to the brake lines, potentially sabotaging our escape. We disengage the trap and retrieve Jonas who agrees to come with us for his safety. The Butcher watches our departure with the patience of a predator.

With Nita's prized ride scarred and our transport compromised, we decide to disguise the car, changing the plates and paint. Ana reverses time on the etching, which merits a hearty hug of thanks from Nita. Back at the apartment, Simon is unnerved and twitches, his arms locked in front of him. He reveals his claustrophobia, and how it was triggered by being trapped in the alley. Jonas is now safe, but the gang is suspicious of his living circumstances. Toby reads his mind in the guise of comforting hand. This reading reinforces our previous understanding that he's just a regular hobo with irregular bowel movements, and loves him some kombucha. 

At Toby's insistence, Ana uses the flask to perform a remote viewing of Gregor's circumstances. Gregor is in a white operating room with doctors. Somewhere underground or inside, and cool. There are big canisters about. Ana relates some of what she hears. "My chest burns. I'm gonna' scream. My veins are itching. Professor? Vitals are green." For his part in Gregor's capture, Toby wails, bemoaning his guilt. His anguish attracts the kindhearted Ilya, who hugs Toby.

Ana can track Gregor magically, but reveals it is a complicated, imperfect method. She may need to do some exploring first. Ana ingests Jonas' mushrooms and exits to the streets on a vision quest. The gang follows. Ana overhears various things from the people there, like a Carnegie Hall joke, a hyperbole of bursting one's pants from overeating, song lyrics, and sees a torn flyer for Westchester Community College. She is tripping balls. We all trip back to the car where Ana plays magical GPS, leading us farther and farther north, almost to Massachusetts. All the while, Ana has become the mouthpiece for the cosmos, dropping wisdom bombs apropos of nothing. So sibylline, she laughs at Simon's amazing joke before he finishes its telling. Ana yells out when we arrive at an office building for ArcLabs. With only the creeping light of dawn, it is too early for people to be there on business, yet there are lights on on one of the floors.

Against the fungus fugue determination of Ana and the agony of Toby, the gang gets a nearby hotel room to recoup and plan. All the while, Toby is wigging out, begging to attack the ArcLabs building and save his tortured friend. Simon steps out of the room, promising to return with breakfast. No sooner does he step out, do things begin to unravel within. Ilya clumsily knocks over a lamp attempting to secret out of the room, which draws the questions of everyone inside. Suspiciously, Ana is openly talking to her book, "Yes, let's try that." Everyone debates whether we should keep using Ana's 'high'tened perception while she has it, or wait for sobriety. Toby is crazy to leave, and will brook no alternative but to save Gregor here and now, plan or none. The debate quickly turns vituperative, as Ana continues to conspire with her book, and Ilya threatens to punch the fractious Toby. In a desperate bid, Toby commands Ilya to 'move,' and fails. Ilya counters with a powered exofist, knocking his once chum into the wall. Nita wrests the book from Ana, which she ripostes with a just missed sleep spell, exhausting Nita.

Somewhere, a surveilling God changes the map to a burning room. A dog sits at a table. "This is fine."

Unbeknownst to Simon, he edges into a maelstrom with breakfast in the balance. "Looks like I gotta' play dad!" Simon shouts, pushing all but the stalwart Nita on their tuckus. "Settle down!" They give him a quick recap. Toby jumps up and bolts for the door, but Simon bars him. Transformed, Nita 'bear'hugs Ana, and Ilya jumps atop the conniving book. For this, Ana addresses Ilya, "Find what you love, and let it kill you." Ilya throws the book under the bed. With Ana stuck in Nita's grasp, Simon attempts to close the door and gag Toby with a rag from the bathroom, failing both to the slippery urchin. He flees. Simon yells down the hall, "Fine! Be an idiot!" 

Shortly thereafter, everything settles down in the room. Ana persuades Nita of her sobriety, releasing her from the hug. Ilya apologizes to Ana for throwing the book and retrieves it. Simon speaks, "He ran. I wish he would realize we're his family, too." We decide to catch up with him, but are surprised to find him sitting on the curb, nursing his bruised face with a bag of ice, the water and tears inseparable. Ilya approaches him, "So sorry. I'm glad you're okay." Toby sobs, "They're gone because of me. My parents… Terry… He was screaming. What if they did that to Terry… or my mom…? I'm sorry. I don't want anyone getting hurt because of me." "Ha ha, well, you got hurt because of me," Ilya replies good-naturedly. 

S1E4: Pier Pressure
The Kidnapped Kingpin

Date of Session: 7/9/17

Season: 1

Episode: 4

Players: All

Author: Sean

Summary: <u>ACT I – Pop Goes the Weasel</u>
Scene 1
An abandoned building downtown in Jungle Lords territory

In this scene, we find our dutiful players standing amid the wreckage of building and body that remains as a testament to Ilya's desire to resemble a wrecking ball with a strong sense of justice and the incredible streak of critical failures from the gods, the likes of which will surely not be seen again in these mere mortals' lifetimes.

The Weasel, a man befitting his moniker in a way that goes beyond coincidence, has been trussed up more like a prize hog than the sniveling vermin he resembles. Warned by the ever-thoughtful Toby of possible reinforcements on the roof, Ilya, currently under the moniker of Circuit

Breaker, takes the owner of his affections Ana into his arms and offers her a speedy trip to the top floor, calling her by her chosen moniker Arcana. (Author's Note: This will be important in the second scene.) She ignores his gesture toward her heroic identity and accepts his offer for a ride. In Ilya's eagerness, the grappling hook shoots off with a bit of excitement, leaving Ilya and Ana seeing stars. Simon (Psych!) flies to the roof and Toby lumbers up the steps like a loser, leaving Nita in true Ursa form to guard her fellow mammalian. At the roof, our heroes find nothing, but Ilya picks up cell phone usage of the man once on the roof, now running, warning his fellow gang members of impending doom.

The players descend to the ground level once more, deciding what to do in their perceived precious few moments before possible reinforcements arrive. Nita and Ana decide to retrieve (and make tangible once more) Nita's car for a more efficient getaway for the group. Simon and Toby rifle through the unconscious bodies of the fallen, finding only more of the still mysterious pills of the form previously found on Chet, as well as weapons. Toby takes the ammunition out of the weaponry to discard at the earliest opportunity. Meanwhile, Ilya decides, as an Avatar of Justice, to shatter the weapon of the woman who nearly ended his life and leave behind a message carefully crafted to strike fear into the hearts of every lowlife and street thug in New York City.

"No guns.

Cleaner streets.

We’re watching."

With these actions carried out, the vehicle arrives in a timely fashion. Weasel is unceremoniously thrown into the trunk of Nita's car, and the group follows Toby's directions to a quiet, safe space well within Family territory and away from the Jungle Lords.

Scene 2
An alleyway in Family territory

After a lengthy group discussion, Nita and Toby are outvoted for starting with intimidation and mind-reading techniques and the group decides to interrogate Weasel through direct questioning. This despite Toby calling Ana by her hero name Arcana, which according to her none have ever done before. Truly, democracy is a flawed system. Still, Toby and Nita have a bonding moment when they discover Toby is capable of reading Nita's thoughts when in bear form, something to be explored later by the Department of Mounted Combat. Through a lengthy questioning process from the "good cops" which only requires the use of one hero point (Author's Note: Don't let the good kids lie anymore.), the group learns that the Jungle Lords are distributing these mystery pills, which grant temporary delta-like powers to non-deltas, for a man involved in the manufacturing process, Marco Lombardi. The Jungle Lords also hired Chet to use the gas as a test for a mass-distribution process.

Toby, fed up with the good approach and prompted by Nita's line of query, demands the location of their headquarters. They're easily told: Port Terminal Warehouse #17. But it is not enough for Toby, who has friends in the balance. He grabs Weasel in a ploy to seem violent, but in reality as part of an effort to read Weasel's thoughts, and asks for the location of Gregor and Rachel, for the Jungle membership present at the warehouse, and the permanent delta-powers process, only requiring slightly harmful inbearigation techniques to receive his answers.

After Simon reveals his strangely specific knowledge of weasel anatomy, the group knocks out Weasel and throws him back into Nita's trunk and decides to drop him off in one of the worst places imaginable: New Jersey.

Scene 3
Nita's car

On the way back from New Jersey, having left Weasel with a rotund man sitting on a beach chair, the group discusses information. Ilya, perhaps driven by the heartbreak of Ana forgetting their name-sharing moment together, opens up to the group that his name is not really Ilya. The group has many questions for him, and Ilya, now known as Volt and who wants to be more powered like the rest of the group, nearly decides to consume one of the pills confiscated from Chet and the Jungle Lords minions.

This is met with great alarm and the idea is rapidly shut down. Plans are made for the rest of the night, with Toby continuing to hide his homeless past and true connection to the Family, but offering to dig for info on their new target.

<u>ACT II – The Eleventh Hour</u>
Scene 1
A Family safehouse

Toby goes alone to confess his sins to Luke and tell him that Gregor and Rachel have been grabbed by the Jungle Lords, due to his own actions. After swearing to correct this mistake and bring Gregor and Rachel back unharmed, he asks Luke for information about any of the deltas he's aware of among the Jungle Lords' crew. Toby forks over the entirety of the money he earned from busking earlier in the afternoon, grabs a meal and some fellowship, and sneaks back to the dorm to avoid anyone being suspicious of his absence.

In a montage of other events, Ilya hacks into Chet's phone with ridiculous ease, Ana leaves the phone in Chet's mailbox, and Ana's grandmother scolds her and reminds her of the celestial bodies and their placements.

The gang sleeps in their respective beds, recharging for their siege of the Jungle Lords stronghold.

Scene 2
Miller Academy cafeteria during lunch

During a largely uneventful school day, Simon, the social butterfly, attempts to befriend school outcast Chris Deland. The gang, particularly Ana who is hawkishly aware of the locations of all study group members not in the immediate vicinity, watches as Simon painfully attempts to deliver a knock knock joke to an entirely unresponsive Chris. Simon's ham-handed approach at friendship attracts the Boneheads, Dan Bones and Troy Skelton, who proceeds to bully Chris by tripping him. Ilya and Ana confront the bullies and attempt to help Chris. After the pair fail to intimidate the duo, Ana silently magiks Troy's bladder into releasing its contents to his public embarrassment. His death stare against Ana before leaving in shame is surely not an indicator of any future retaliations planned.

The group basks in the victory and humiliation of the bullies. Toby then brings the group's mood down by telling everyone about the frightening deltas in the Jungle Lords' ranks. They plan their attack of the warehouse and rescue of Gregor and Rachel for later that night. Nothing can go wrong.

<u>ACT III – A Slab'll Do Ya</u>
Scene 1
Port Terminal Warehouse #17

Things immediately go wrong.

Well, not wrong, but certainly the reality is more complicated than the original plan. Marco Lombardi is present at the warehouse, along with Slab and a captured homeless person unknown to Toby. Nita's fortunate perception saves the group from immediately having everything fall apart, spying the metal-plated Gauge across the street, playing lookout with Char.

After democracy once more makes Toby a minority, the group decides to utilize a combination of invisibility, Simon's powers of telekinesis, infiltration by Itsy, hacking by the hero now known as Cyberdemon, magik, pizza delivery, brute force, and some serious bullshitting and Pokemon referencing delivered through the always appreciated 6th team member Wardenclyffe to accomplish their goals. And despite all odds (and the desires of the gods), it actually works. Marco Lombardi and Hobo Joe have been grabbed, Ilya has retrieved several very sensitive and informative emails from Mr. Lombardi's computer, and the group escapes without direct confrontation.

But at what cost?

Requiescat in Pace, Wardenclyffe. Funeral services to be determined at a later date.


S1E3: Welcome to the Jungle
A Decisive Victory

Date of Session: 6/25/17

Season: 1

Episode: 3

Players: All

Author: Savannah

Summary: We begin w/ the gang (minus Toby) hanging out in Illya’s dorm room. We’ve just decided to text Toby to ask him to use his street skillz to steal the baggie of drugs out of Chet’s back pocket — obviously not a first for Toby.

Before Illya can text him, however, Ana asks if she can have a private word with him over in the corner by all the computer parts and comic books. Ana asks Illya why he trusts Toby, the guy we go to for drug stealing expertise, and is shocked to learn that Illya and Toby have only known each other for a couple of weeks. Despite her concerns, Illya stands up for Toby, citing Toby’s concern for his friend who was recently black-bagged. Ana pretends to be reassured, but texts Nita that they should keep an eye on Toby because: 1) He took the canisters w/out consulting the team. 2) He was reluctant to reveal his super powers even after everyone else had, and 3) He disrespected the study group.

                Poor, naïve Illya texts Toby the plan and we all meet at the docks. (Nita is driving, thx for having a car!) Toby warns the group of two dangerous gangs in the area: the Madison Street Monsters and the Jungle Lords or something like that…) Sure nuf, the group encounters the Jungle Lords, but there isn’t a confrontation because Toby cleverly pretends to see a police officer. The Jungle Lords tell our group to “get off these streets if you know what’s good for ya.” We don’t know what’s good for ya.

                Due to the untimely delay, Chet is dangerously close to reaching the subway and escaping Toby’s butt-groping clutches. Circuit__Breaker, who has used his grappling hook to get ahead and scout from the rooftops, intervenes just in time. He uses a sonic burst to sicken Chet, who slips in his own vomit and knocks himself out (probably not a first for Chet). Read: Trey rolls his first 1 of the evening and probably ever, WOOO!

                By this point, the group has had time to catch up. We search Chet and find a baggie of 8 to 10 small white pills. They’re unmarked and Toby doesn’t recognize them, which is sayin something. I mean, if Toby doesn’t recognize them, they must be some new and vry scary drug … or possibly vitamins. We also “borrow” Chet’s cell phone so we can search for information, and Ana takes a lock of his hair because she’s creepy like that.

                Some of the group is concerned about leaving Chet unconscious in a bad neighborhood so we call for an ambulance using Chet’s phone and leave Itsy behind to let us know if someone comes by with a Sharpie to draw stuff on his face or something. (No one does.)

                On the car ride over to where Chet’s connection is hiding out, Toby informs the group that some of his friends who were trying to find out information about the canisters have gone missing. He’s worried about CIDD taking them and might ask for our help to track them down. That’s Simon’s cue to tell a joke: “If T were silent, you’d never hear the end of it.” We all pee our pants laughing because he rolled super high.

                We park close to the spot and Ana makes Nita’s car intangible and not invisible, and she does it on purpose because she is a master of the arcane and a vry powerful sorceress. Then Nita morphs into a doggo and Simon opens the door to let her into the building. She sees five people w/ guns:

1)“Weasel” – Tall and lanky w/ “weaselesque” features, long hair, long fingernails w/ sharp tips

2)Gabe – Short w/ flashy brown eyes, throws a rock @ Nita

3)Unknown – Portly man w/ brown shaggy hair and a goatee

4)Unknown – Broad, powerful blonde woman, not fond of justice

5)Lean woman w/ shaved head, black stubble


Gabe throws a rock at Nita and misses. We are assured that these are bad guys b/c: 1) Only bad guys are mean to dogs, and 2) bad guys have terrible aim.  When she sees that they all have guns, she skedaddles back to the group. Ana then comes up with an ingenious plan to turn Toby invisible so he can collect a sample from one of the people, which she will use to spy on them. Toby gets up to the roof somehow (grappling hook) and sneaks downstairs where he has a seizure or something and immediately gets caught by Weasel, #rogueproblems. All of Ana’s careful planning goes to shit.

                Nita hears Toby in distress (“FUCK!”) and we all run to his aid. Illya charges in first and knocks over a trash can full of fire. He says some inspiring words about justice and the indomitability of the human spirit so everyone starts shooting at him, of course. The tables are turned (literally and figuratively) when Nita charges in as a big ass bear and immediately knocks two people unconscious with her hindquarters alone. She looks sideways at the guy who threw the rock at her and he flies across the room and INTO THE WALL.

                In the midst of the bearnado, Illya and Ana impress everyone with amazing team work. Ana throws her voice behind the woman about to shoot Illya, and while she’s distracted, Illya punches her and knocks her cold. Then Toby uses his mind control to freeze Weasel and Simon does something great too, probably.

TLDR: Trey rolls like five 1’s and it’s the best day of our lives. We’re on fire in the good way for once! DELTA FORCE SAVES THE DAY AND NOTHING WILL EVER GO WRONG AGAIN!!!!

The End.

A Savannah Wallace Production


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