The Sentinels: Revolution

S3 E2: A Witch, a West, a Wendigo
It Takes a Heston to Raise a Mudbaby


Well, the Weather Witch doesn’t want guests.

Nita’s anger at Simon’s expressed.

And Peter says no.

There is no wendigo.

Fuck those cupcakes and damn Ashley West.

Notable Quotes

"The Sentires are so popular now there are cobwebs on our web pages."

Lulu: "Can you science this cupcake? Figure out what's in it?"

Ana: "…what do you think I do?"

Ana, to Kono: "What crashed through your fence? I didn't know Nita was driving around up here."

Casey, to Christy: "I am perfectly willing to freeze you both! Do you want to stay here or do you want to get kidnapped???"

Koray: "Is she your friend?"

Ana: "I certainly…LOOK like her friend."



In his exceptionally creepy wake, Control Freak left one grounded Nita scurrying home, one ruffled Simon confronting a know-it-all (absolutely all of it) brother, and three concerned Delta Force members darting to the Lafie Estate to check up on The Guild.

Tesla broke into an encrypted channel and discovered that the following prisoners were broken out during the explosive rash of villainy in the city:

BK1BR3ST11C1.032411A – Caleb Sparks (Scourge) [Escaped]

SK9NN0ST11C1.2374111 – Melanie Kaley (Wraith) [Escaped]

SR2BT7ST11C1.2103134 – Harrison D Moore (The Hangman) [Escaped]

TI9MS9ST11C1.21610121 – Thomas Dalton (Professor) [Escaped]

SR8TK8ST22C3.0017132 – Kyler L Innerick (Genesis) [Deceased]

TH8MS8ST22C3.0017131 – Treyvor D Osser (Storyteller) [Deceased]

Koray covered for Nita’s soccer-time bear antics by lying to their parents, promising that she was with him, cowering in the safest possible corner, throughout Control Freak’s rampage. The trusting Chase adults praised their daughter, but Koray pushed his advantage. He asked Nita to see if Tesla could loan him his old suit. Nita, ever tactful, lied and promised to check into it. Hopefully he was placated by the video game she bought him.

Meanwhile, Simon frantically texted Chris about Peter’s impossible-to-meet demands. Peter wanted Delta Force to “lay low” because their crimebusting has apparently hurt Hannah Hall’s political chances. Chris sympathized and provided moral support.

Finally, Ana, Lulu, and Nikolai encountered a very irate Weather Witch at the Lafie manor. Weather Witch told the group that the prison break intervention involved The Guild fighting through “a scene of active CIDD investigation” and then getting completely outgunned in another scuffle upon reaching the transport van. Jack and Tom were disabled in the fight, so Weather Witch precipitated an escape. Ana, worried yet imperious, demanded to see the wounded Tom, but Weather Witch refused. A brief fight broke out, quelled only when Lulu convinced Ana to give up and leave. Thankfully Nikolai was there in his heavy armor to catch Ana before Weather Witch blew her forcibly into a wall. Nikolai encouraged the Weather Witch (affectionately, “Dubs”) to give Delta Force another shot and sympathized with her concern that her brother’s willingness to help out could get him hurt. Ana was initially piqued by Nikolai’s diplomacy, but the two talked things out via text.

Everyone gathered in the Delta Den Sunday (the next day) at Simon’s desperate behest. In the common room, while Niolai did push-ups, Simon admitted that his brother, Peter, knows the identities of all of Delta Force, including Nikolai’s real name. Immediately, Nita jumped up and punched Psych right out of his chair, and he sported a black eye for the remainder of the week. Ana and Nikolai attempted to intervene, but, to no one’s surprise, Nita couldn’t be stopped. She raged at Simon that he had put all the civilians at the Robo-soccer tournament in danger by pulling Lucy Horn away from Control Freak. She accused him of being foolish and reckless and said that one person wasn’t worth saving at the expense of a crowd. Nikolai, unspeakably upset at the way Nita was talking about Lucy, silently left the room until Ana had Simon fetch him back. During their return, Nikolai thanked Simon for helping Lucy. Lulu tried to talk Nita down, but Nita insisted that Simon had simply gotten lucky that things turned out okay.

During the fight, Tom knocked on the door, leaning heavily on his sheathed sword. He apologized for his sister’s behavior and said he wanted to patch things up. Ana showed him to her room and told him to wait for her there.

Eventually, Ana managed to get the team back on track and focused on solving the Peter problem. (Nita: “I feel better after punching you.”) Nikolai offered that, if Peter is a Delta, he might have pericognition, mind reading, or omniscience. Delta Force struggled quite a bit with how to deal with Peter. Ultimately, Ana’s plan was adopted: Simon was to tell Peter, in person, that we needed to compromise. We wouldn’t stand down or stop superhero-ing, but we would help Hannah Hall win. The promise to help Hall would be a bluff, intended to save us time while we searched for blackmail info on Peter. Simon was also meant to try to steal Peter’s blood (for Ana) and his phone (for Nikolai).

Ana went to her bedroom to offer Tom a place to crash (he stays the night), and Nikolai, Lulu, and Simon headed to the gym to exercise and train. It’s notable that Nikolai was being uncharacteristically friendly to Tom.

Monday at school, a barrage of drama assailed the team. Ruby snidely reported that Phil, Nikolai’s roommate, was taken to the ER due to unstoppable retching and severe dehydration (and this only after she mocked Simon/Nita and Ana/Ilya). Nikolai had the team join him in his room to look around after Dr. Wright told him to move dorm spaces due to the risk of bacteria/mold. Delta Force left Chris in the lunchroom (he had been sitting with Simon, openly and unashamedly enjoying time with his adorable boyfriend). Delta Force found a cupcake, a cupcake wrapper, and a note. The note said: “I’m sorry about what happened at the Science Olympiad. Please give one to Ana.” It was signed Ashley West. At Nita’s behest, Nikolai confirmed that it was probably Ashley’s handwriting, but the note looked a little erratic. Nita tried a tiny bite of the cupcake and got violently nauseous. Definitely poisoned, probably!

Nikolai, Nita, and Simon took the cupcake and the note to the principal’s office. On the way, they ran into Ashley who 1) looked suspiciously at them, 2) took a bite out of the cupcake, and 3) dropped it on the floor. Ana and Lulu went to get Mr. Foster in case he was also a victim of cupcake poisoning, and Ana texted Delilah and Randy to “not eat any food from Ashley.”

Ana and Lulu had to deal with the Bones bullies on the way to the biology lab. Rosa intervened, violently kicked Chet’s knee and basically dropped him. The Bones bunch insisted that the school cameras would reveal that Rosa was the aggressor, but Lulu pointed out that the bullies had “grabbed them.” Rosa walked off into the sunset, and one can only imagine that she’ll be a great member of Delta Force one day.

Mr. Foster did indeed get a cupcake and followed Ana and Lulu to the principal’s office. Delilah and Randy were also present, holding their cupcakes. The principal, Mr. Foster, Lulu, and Nikolai all gorged on the cupcakes and no adverse affects arose. Ana apologized to Ashley, who then left. Lulu reported the bullying incident to Dr. Wright; Nikolai made sure Lucy was okay and told her he was proud of her.

The night of Nita’s departure for Thanksgiving, her dad bailed. Apparently, this is a pattern. Koray, Nita’s mom, Nita, Nikolai, and Ana leave to spend the vacation at Nita’s grandparents’ place. Simon is going to confront Peter; Lulu is going to stay with her dad, having a historically-accurate meal.

Koray and Nikolai hit it off mightily, and this displeased Nita. It’s clear that Nikolai is one adrenaline-fueled conversation away from promising Koray a powersuit. Kono, Nita’s grandfather, chatted and joked with Nikolai and Ana. He then informed everyone that his fence had been knocked down by something in the forest. He teased Koray, saying it was the Wendigo, an evil shapeshifter who hoards the souls of its victims. Koray even got freaked out enough to fetch Nita and Ana when he woke up in the night and saw a face in the window. Spoiler alert: it was no nightmare.

The next day, Imala gave Nita some instructions about plants to pick to help Koray with his nightmares. The Delta trio tromped into the forest, and Nikolai was way too excited about the trees. An abandoned campsite led the group to a tall, long, skeletal humanoid munching on a murdered camper. A Wendigo?! Spoiler alert: no.

The ensuing fight actually involved two antagonists: Carla Silcox (Sally’s sister, turned Delta and feral by ArcLabs experiments) and a sentient hive-mind of bacteria animated by ArcLabs’ unethical nonsense. Carla kept excitedly asking if Nita had “come to hear the forest’s song,” and Nita was unable to use her powers on the “contaminated” ground. Nikolai, in his nanosuit, couldn’t do any damage despite throwing his little body at the Wendigo several thousand times. Ana assessed the situation, giving us our info, and “cleansed” a part of the ground so that Nita could transform. Eventually, Carla was overpowered and Nita communed with nature. The hive mind swallowed her with mud, showed her a vision of a pregnant sillouette, and gifted her with a mudball. Nikolai put the pieces together, asked the contaminated earth patch if it wanted children, and it confirmed. Patchy wanted the trio to take the mudball to Daniel Hesson, the skinless “mother” of ArcLabs whose blood was used to create other Deltas. The mudball has concentrated bacterial growth, and they lugged it out on some nanobots.

Meanwhile, Peter refused Simon’s compromise and demanded again that Delta Force lay low. He also told Simon not to steal his phone and asked if he knew who the Sentries were. Simon DID manage to scratch Peter, securing a blood sample.

((Also Casey rolled a 30, critical success, for Nikolai’s paper on Titan. Now that fact lives here forever.))

S3E1: Everything’s Under Control
Soccer’s popularity explodes

Date of Session: 1/27/18
Season: 3
Episode: 1
Players: Blake, Casey, Christy, Savannah, Sean
Author: Sean

Potent Quotables:

Simon to Nikolai in his new armor: "Damn, you look like King Arthur ate a Gundam."

Ana to Lulu during the sparring match: “You stay away from me, you demon bunny.”

Ana: "Mr. Foster, Ashley’s terrorizing the team. She’s yelling at the only kid who came to watch us."

Psych to Control Freak: “Hey, have you ever considered rebranding? You know, maybe taking the name Ctrl+V? Because, damn, you’re pasty.” Christy: “That’s the one you were sittin’ on, huh.”

Lucy to Arcana during telepathic communication: “Hello, Arcana. I’m sorry for the mess inside.”


Team White Rabbit (Nikolai, Lulu) defeats Team Grinoire (Ana, Simon) in a sparring match. Control Freak attacks the robot soccer tournament. A delta human prison break succeeds. Randy and Delilah are confirmed members of the Sentries. Simon’s brother knows the identities of Delta Force.

We begin our journey as Delta Force, after what is only a few weeks in the world of the game but a lifetime outside, with Nita continuing her long period of grounding after sneaking out the night of the Eclipse fight. Nita is eating dinner with her family and learns she will be spending Thanksgiving with her family at her grandparents’ house. Her father Marc Chase informs her that, tomorrow, she will be taking her younger brother Koray Chase to the robot soccer tournament at the local convention center. As the conversation turns to schoolwork, Nita informs Mr. Chase of her impending school assignment and her group member Rosa Lopez, a slacker whom Mr. Chase dubs “a loser.” As Nita has failed to complete her part of the assignment, despite being holed up in the apartment for the past few weeks, Mr. Chase implies it is unlikely the Nitamobile will be returned anytime soon.

Meanwhile, at the Delta Force Headquarters, the remaining members of the team decide to release some tension and show off the fruits of their labors/training by holding a friendly sparring match. Nikolai shows off his new Белый рыцарь (White Knight) suit, which rekindles some deep, burning feelings of attraction in Ana, though she is unlikely to admit it aloud. Ana reveals her new staff topped with a raven, which may or may not be Lady Liberty’s eagle. The teams are split into Team White Rabbit (Nikolai and Lulu) and Team Grinoire (Ana and Simon). The fight begins with Lulu immediately revealing her new punching abilities and stunning Simon with a wallop to the back of his head. During the fight, Simon reveals his stronger personal force field by surviving hits from Nikolai’s new sword меч-кладенец (Kladenets). Both Ana and Nikolai attempt to apologize for hurting their teammates during the fight, and both Lulu and Simon try (and fail) to take advantage of their momentary kindness. In the end, despite Nikolai being incapacitated and Lulu trapped in magical glue, Team White Rabbit wins through technicality and beating Simon into unconsciousness. The team finds themselves especially prepared for any upcoming battles after their training.

Ana was not done, however. After incapacitating Nikolai’s body in battle, she attacks his heart by announcing she has a date with Tom Lincoln, The Black Knight to Nikolai’s white. Nikolai, worried that Tom may attempt to do something untoward with Ana, resigns to staying awake all night for her return, making him incredibly tired for the Science Olympiad competition the next day.

On Saturday, Delta Force finds themselves split between two tournaments. Simon takes his new boyfriend Chris Deland, complete with public hand-holding, to the robot soccer tournament, where they find Nita, Koray, Miller Academy robot soccer competitor Lucy Horn, and Miller Academy math and robotics teacher Vicki Harsch. Elsewhere, a couple of miles away, the Miller Academy Science Olympiad team consisting of Nikolai, Ana, Randy Hines, Delilah Jones, and Ashley West prepares for their competition against Hunter College High School. Also in attendance are Miller Academy biology teacher and leader of the Science Olympiad Ryan Foster and Lulu, complete with pom poms to cheer on her friends and her school.

Miller Academy’s Science Olympiad team gets off to an inauspicious start. After Nikolai reveals all of his teenage emotional angst to Mr. Foster, the team struggles under the return of Snarkana and the micromanaging harshness of Ashley, with Mr. Foster ultimately subbing her out for Delilah. The match stays competitive until half-time, at which point, things spiral rapidly out of control. Delta Force receives a text from Nita informing them that the villainous tinker delta human Control Freak has crashed the robot soccer tournament. Before they can escape the Olympiad, they receive an additional notification that the remnants of the Jungle Lords street gang are in the midst of an attempted bank heist. While the section of Delta Force at the Olympiad tries to figure out how to get to the rest of their team, Lulu overhears Randy and Delilah fervently discussing the bank heist. Randy and Delilah invent an excuse and skip out of the tournament. Nikolai simply bolts without an excuse, Ana following close behind with a brief apology, leaving Lulu to say she’ll try to figure out what’s going on with the two of them. Nikolai intercepts a police broadcast stating nine delta humans have attacked a prison transport at the Brooklyn Bridge. Ana telepathically messages Tom and asks for him and his group The Guild to assist and help prevent the prison break. Nikolai texts shadow wizard and fellow vigilante Anne Roberts, a.k.a. The Veil, and asks for her help with the attacks as well. Unfortunately, she is out of town. On their way to the convention center, Ana summons Nikolai’s White Knight armor and perfectly places it on him. Nikolai casually declares his love for Ana as a result.

During the events at the Science Olympiad, Control Freak arrived at the convention center with a cadre of murderous, bipedal soccer robots. Simon finds a dim area in which to don his superhero outfit, while Chris transforms into Simon to cover for his sudden disappearance. Psych’s stealthy attempts to work against Control Freak fail, so he undertakes his standard practice of dramatics and provocative humor to draw Control Freak’s attention. Regrettably, none of the civilian hostages find an opportunity to escape. Psych signs up for Control Freak’s “tournament” under the team name Control Freak’s Mom. With the reunification of Delta Force (Nita transforming into a bird), Delta Force fields their soccer team with the help of Lucy Horn and Nikolai’s soccer robot, dubbed “HornBot.” Thumper arranges the team into appropriate soccer formation: Thumper and Psych play striker, Hornbot plays as stopper, Tesla and The Arcana play as fullbacks, and Ursa, transforming mid-game into her bear form, plays as the goalie.

A “soccer” game begins, with powers, fighting, and the destruction of robots happening throughout the match and Team Control Freak’s Mom taking a lead. As Psych once again scores, he gains the ire of Control Freak by draping himself in the American flag and giving Control Freak the double middle finger. Control Freak attempts to red card Psych and throw him from the match for unsportsmanlike conduct. Thumper attempts to persuade Control Freak to lessen the punishment, but Psych continues to taunt Control Freak until the game is terminated. Control Freak’s personal robot grabs Lucy Horn as he orders Delta Force killed, with the threat of killing the civilians if Delta Force attempts to stop his escape. Psych, thanks to his earlier sparring, manages to just barely wrest Lucy from Control Freak’s grasp, and the fight for survival begins. Lucy Horn, throughout the fight, yells at Control Freak’s robots to leave various members of Delta Force alone. The Arcana figures out that Lucy is a delta human with the power to control technology. Unfortunately, Lucy is uncomfortable so brazenly attempting to force Control Freak’s personal robot to stop in public, so Tesla attempts to stymie Control Freak’s escape. Control Freak destroys the entire back wall and jettisons away as Tesla is forced to protect The Arcana from the blast radius. Psych flies after Control Freak in an attempt to bring him down while the rest of Delta Force continues destroying robots. Unfortunately, the robots have been planted with bombs. The Arcana quickly flies outside to warn the surrounding police force about the impending explosion. Thumper grabs HornBot, and the civilian populace and Delta Force gather in a corner behind Psych’s force field as the bombs go off. None of the still living civilians or police were harmed by the explosions.

Nita immediately leaves the scene, with Koray supporting the lie that Nita stayed out of the fray and protected her brother like a normal human. The Nitamobile may soon return to Delta Force. Ana gets a phone call from Tom Lincoln’s sister Weather Witch, who informs Ana The Guild ran into and fought CIDD, and subsequently attempted to stop the prison break, to no avail. Both Tom and Jack Frost have been knocked unconscious. The delta human villains escaped. Nikolai texts with Anne Roberts and sets up a time, in the most awkward way possible, to meet with Anne and potentially fight… and possibly more. While the group stands among the wreckage, they are approached by a Delta Human Response Force rookie and former Miller Academy Resource Officer Emma Prescott. Emma informs them that, as they are unregistered delta humans, the police will have to arrest them. She announces loudly, however, that due to the structural damage to the building and the police force having to run away from the outside explosions, the cops were unable to approach the scene faster, and therefore Delta Force must have escaped. Gracious for being allowed to escape, Psych flies the team out of the convention center before Tesla can ask Emma for dating advice. News comes in that The Sentries have stopped the bank heist with no damage or casualties and all villains captured. This has confirmed that Randy and Delilah are Graviton and Paragon respectively.

In the episode’s tag, Simon arrives at home, exhausted at his immense expenditure of energy. He immediately heads to his room, where he finds his brother Peter Sefalos waiting for him. Peter immediately reveals he knows Simon’s identity as Psych. He threatens Simon and demands Delta Force lay low “for a long time,” as they have been “messing up Senator [Hannah] Hall’s chances” at reelection. Peter also indicates that he will be contacting Delta Force to do a job for him sometime later. As Simon scoffs at Peter’s threats, Peter reveals he knows the true identities of every member of Delta Force, including the real name of Nikolai Volkov.

Delta Force is officially in trouble.

Post Season 2 Interim: The Devil's Advocates
The Devil's in the Dice Fails

We begin in the headquarters of the Devil’s Advocates. Fausta, their leader, informs her followers that the group will be asserting dominance in NYC, seizing territory while CIDD and the NY DHTF struggle to handle other problems. To this end, the Devil’s Advocates will be working with the Monsters. Sandman appears and delivers a handheld chemical weapon: a cannister of rage-inducing gas that needs to be connected to the Delta Humans Task Force Headquarters ventilation system. As many folks as possible are to be rounded up and shoved in the building to maximize damage. A task group lead by Ay-Vee (a serious-minded ex-soldier with the ability to control sound) will hook up the gas, don their own gas masks, and escape while Fausta performs her own mysterious work elsewhere with the other members of the Devil’s Advocates. Ay-Vee puts together his squad: Midnight Jester (a gender-fluid proponent of chaos, snark, and all things amusing), Vibe (a sensuous seductress who can make others feel what she wants them to feel), Stone Fist (a demon-armed tough guy with rocks in his head), and Gemini (a professional with an invisible twin that offers teleporting potential).

MJ and Vibe grow impatient after Gemini trips a security alarm on the roof of the DHTF HQ. Despite Ay-Vee’s efforts, Vibe inspires devotion in Stone Fist and heads down to the street to collect civilians to cram in the building. In the meanwhile, MJ ditches Gemini and Ay-Vee in a parking lot when a security guard spots the two businesslike pros. Solo, Midnight Jester sneaks into the HQ through the basement garage, hops in an elevator, and starts terrorizing workers. MJ convinces a guard that they’re actually a worker in the HQ who has been victimized and disguised by Midnight Jester. MJ then hits the poor guard in the head with a sledgehammer.

Ay-Vee convinces a guard to erase the security footage in the building. Vibe and Stone Fist compel a ton of civilians into the HQ. Gemini gets shot at a lot. MJ opens Pandora’s Box and everyone turns invisible, enabling MJ and Ay-Vee to sneak into the ventilation room and hook up the cannister. Emma Prescott tries to stop them but gets shot. Ay-Vee has also infected their network with spy tech from a USB from Persephone. Double agent guy!

Outside, Vibe and Stone Fist have stolen a getaway car and a guy named Brad. They’ve made a Starbucks run.

The Sentries show up to spoil all the fun. Graviton lifts the getaway car; Current and Conduit knock the butterflies out of MJ. Vibe saves the day by faking being a hostage and Ay-Vee saves the day by directing Paragon to the building where folks are murdering one another. Vibe makes Current feel suicidal and depressed so Conduit has to go after her when she flies away. MJ wakes up, retrieves their butterflies, and throws them at the Sentries by opening Pandora’s Box and unleashing chaos. The getaway car gets away.

S2 E9: Search and Rescue 12-17-17


We pick up where we left off. Brent goes his own way, while Ilya and Lulu go back to the mansion. Nita sneaks out of her house (unbeknownst to her, her parents to discover this overnight). 

At the mansion, Orpheus plays the victim claiming that they (the Unseen Archivists) made him retrieve Ana. Psych fills us in on the details and that Ana is to be dragged to the shadow realm. The Diamond Accord show up to offer their assistance. They include Baldwin, Fendrel, Beatrix, and Fay, Ana's Grandmother. Beatrix heals Ilya, kind of. Fay lets us know that the future, her sight, is being obscured by the Unseen Archivists somehow. She can not give us more information. But she does tell us that someone is waiting on us at the base. Fendrel and Tom will be coming with us. 

At the base, we find Terry Sweetwater, our Geomancer, and Olivia. He tells us there is a bad undercrust, worse than other areas by 37% and that it is a pocket of bad "JuJu". He claims something bad is going on downstairs. The Accord give us illumination charms for our journey, and Fay gives Tom a necklace charm for Ana. Ilya puts on his suit, and Nita checks Ana's room for any tampering and doesn't find anything. Afterwards, Fay goes to cry in Ana's room. On our way to Grand Central, Terry ups his estimate to 50% worse and does drugs to help track it. 

At Grand Central, we are informed not to touch the third rail and find that the rail actually messes with Tesla's suit. Alyssa informs us that she is bored, but don't worry, she wasn't for long. 

In the cave we run into multiple wall crawlers that look like blue goblins. That's when we find out that it's gonna be a crit fail kind of night. Alyssa interposes, lots of multi-kill action for Lulu. There are also a few shadow wizards gone due to our tender ministrations. We notice the goblins are going top side, but Ilya announces that he "DOES NOT HAVE TIME FOR THIS" and rushes forwards. 

In the Glowing Purple Room, we find Grayson, Eclipse, and Cesar Blanc. They announce their plan was to draw us here to leave this city to burn. We find that we can't hit these guys, and if we do, they don't get hurt. Only Lulu was able to get a bruise on these guys at the beginning. Tom breaks Ana's chains and gives her Fay's charm. It was the grimoire, so she's back in action. Simon tells jokes while throwing stalactites around ineffectively. Ana casts a healing spell on Fendrel and Ilya, which is good, because they were both looking the worse for wear give SOMEONE'S  constant interpose and Fendrel taking on Eclipse singlehandledly. 

Then, a shadow wolf and rider that are definitely not The Veil arrive on the scene. At this time, Eclipse goes into a nightmarishly large purple chained skelator creature and more minions join in on the party. Ana tells us to break the chains as they're what's pulling this up from the shadow realm. As the chains break, Eclipse gets angry and the tremors create large gaps in the floor. Shadow wolf rescues Ilya. Lulu pulls an epic move by pushing Grayson into the Crevice of Doom. Then Tom does the same to Cesar. Nita takes out two chains, Ilya gets one. After all the chains are destroyed, ILya on his side, along with Nita and NOT the Veil knock out Eclipse's hands while they desperately cling to the remaining floor. Alas, he can not hold on and falls to his doom while taking NO ONE WITH HIM TO THE SHADOW REALM……

Until Fendrel asks to be released from Psych's hold (Psych had been floating everyone to avoid dodge checks on falling floor). Fendrel wants to end Eclipse so he can do no more harm. Ana begs him not to go but then Ilya dramatically slaps her BECAUSE HE DOES NOT HAVE TIME FOR THIS. Fendrel goes down to the shadow realm while everyone else escapes. 

In the tunnels, Ana thanks everyone and Tom dashingly declares we would never leave her there. Not the Veil reveals herself to be THE VEIL, or the new veil. She is the daughter of Gordon and the Herald. Altor is her wolf ride, a gift from her mom. It turns out that we missed a Delta here. The Veil is Anne Roberts, the girl Toby had been stalking, whose ankle was hurt at the dance. Annette tells Tesla she knows a kid who wants to meet him, someone who helps her with her computers. Who could this be? and why does everyone want to meet us? We really make an impression. 

In the street, we come out to ruckus applause. Ready to take our bow, for our well earned kudos, we find four flying heroes calling themselves, "The Sentries". They saved people at street level while we took care of the underground. There are two black teens and 2 white teens with blonde hair, from what we can tell. Lulu thinks she recognizes them as waiters from the fundraiser. Other candidates are Gregg, Yvonne, and Randy. 

And that wraps up our illustrious season. We have really made a name for ourselves and are quite popular, frankly. New alliances have been achieved. Romances have blossomed and faltered in turn. Mysteries have been solved, but more remain. Who are these new Sentries on the block? Will Ana date the sexy vampire? Is anyone at Miller NOT a delta (other than Eric obviously)? Have we seen the last of the Archivists? What will the politicians try and pull next? Stay turned next season for Sentinels Revolution: The Rising Tide. 

S2E8: Crashing a Political Party
Wreck the Halls is Gallows' Folly

Season: 2

Episode: 8

Players: Blake, Sean, Casey, Savannah, Christy

Author: Casey ((Is this stupid long? Yes. Am I sorry? No.))

Notable Quotes:

Casey: "I was going to ask for a Chris Deland emoji, but then I realized. Every emoji is a Chris Deland emoji."

Blake: "I don't even have an intellect."

Christy: “Nita was gonna ask if she could “see the dragon,” but I thought that might be a little much.


Simon kisses Chris. Gallows attacks the Hall banquet. Delta Force steals the painting for The Guild. Nikolai gets shot and kidnapped by Gallows. Ana gets kidnapped by Fissure.

PART THE FIRST: Drama-Drama-Drama-Drama-First Per-i-ooood

We find our heroes at Miller Academy. Ana and Nita are in the hall, exchanging texts:

Text to Ana from Nita: I think Eric left a note in my locker, it said "I will never ask more of you, but know that I will never forget you". Is promising I think it means he accepts it.

Text to Nita from Ana: Good, I'm glad he's taking it okay! That must've been really rough. How are you holding up?

Text to Ana from Nita: Ok, I think. It's weird. But I was already living a different life, so I'm just throwing myself into that I think.

Text to Nita from Ana: I'm taking you for milkshakes at lunch! Chocolate will make us feel better

Meanwhile, before Simon’s eyes and in Simon’s arms, Chris Deland has morphed into Harold in the 3rd floor boys' bathroom. "Harold" kisses Simon and then steps back, uncertain. Chris Deland shifts back into Chris. Simon asked how Chris knows that he’s in love with Harold. Chris responds, simply, "I watch." Simon says Chris is in trouble with the knife. Will Chet, that muscle-bound bundle of malice, tattle? Chris is sad about not being like Harold and offers to "put on a mask" for Simon, but Simon tells Chris that he doesn't have to anymore. Chris picks up the knife and puts it in his pocket. Simon says "It's not safe for people like us," and pulls the knife back out of his pocket—with his telekinesis. Chris quickly connects the dots and figures out that Simon and Psych are one in the same. Chris: "You're a real hero. Not just for me…"

In Biology Class: Mr. Foster enters, looking displeased. Because of The Expedited Exposure to Scientific Literature Act of 2027, the class has to read the "latest EPA-funded paper." We're reading over and discussing the article. Miss West gets called on to answer how to vet an academic paper, then Ana fills in the gaps. The paper we're reading is obviously a problem for Mr. Foster. He has issues with methodology, statistical analysis, data sets, etc.  The paper is a comparison between the environmental impact of CO2 emissions by Delta Humans and by folks with commuter cars.

Nikolai is openly angry and asks if Mr. Foster is intentionally teaching them how to critique bogus articles. It's clear that Mr. Foster is being pressured by this Act to expose the class to this article. The class topic on "adaptive genomics" was canceled to talk about this. Nikolai angrily mutters in Russian and writes out on the worksheet what exactly is wrong with the article. Troy asks Simon why he has a black eye. Simon says that "Chet fucking jumped me." Troy doesn't believe him. Ashley shushes everyone and Nita snips back, "Your concern for your fellow classmates is noted." Ashley: "I'm SORRY if I care more about his education than about a little scuffle." Ana: "Ashley, could you please stop talking; you're distracting me." Simon heads to the nurse to get some treatment for his black eye and comes back patched up. Mr. Foster obviously doesn’t buy Simon’s story that Simon fell and hit both his eyes.

In the hallway, Marcia whispers to Simon, “I think it’s really cute to hear about you and Harold.” Simon asks us to head to Sky High Pizza for lunch so that we can talk about what has just happened to him.

At the pizza place, Simon is quite nervous and very emotional about sharing the fact that rumors started by Ruby, Sabrina, and Katrina are actually on point. He’s gay. Nikolai nods and responds, “Yeah, okay. So what’s the issue you wanted to talk to us about?” Nita is equally blasé about the reveal. Everyone gets furious on Simon’s behalf when Simon lets us know that being gay is a serious bully-able offense and that, furthermore, his highly religious family would disown him if he came out. Simon also fills everyone in about what happened with Chris AND admits that he’s been in love with Harold (his best friend).

Ultimately, the group decides to try to convince Chris to give up his knife and take a Tesla-designed Delta Force pager instead. Everyone is devoted to protecting Simon’s new love interest.

Back at school, Annette asks Nita to help wrangle Rosa to the school library to work on the Delta paper project at 9 am on Saturday. Ultimately, in an after-school encounter, Rosa refuses this request but DOES promise Ana and Nita that she won’t pursue vigilante work. Instead, she’ll focus on making the school a safer place by keeping an eye on Chris Deland and maybe teaching some self-defense.

Tom (the Black Knight) texts the group to meet up that night. Nita and Ana offer to bring dinner and dessert.

In the halls, before finding Chris, Harold comes over to talk to Simon and expresses concern for his friend. Simon tells Harold not to believe the rumors, a warning that Harold laughs off with a cavalier “You know you love me.” Simon “blows a mock-kiss to Harold and then dies inside” (Blake).

Speaking of dying inside, Eric slouches through the halls playing some Elliot Smith songs. It’s public and noticeable. Nita uses her ex-boyfriend’s drama to bribe Ruby, the gossipy high school reporter, into ceasing her cruel rumor-mongering about Simon’s sexual orientation. Nita tells Ruby she broke up with Eric on Halloween because they weren't compatible. Nita then lies and says that she got a note from a secret admirer and she suspects it's from Simon.

While Nita and Lulu field hallway drama, Ana, Nikolai, and Simon seek out Chris. Nikolai shares a quick hullo with Lucy on the way. The three talk Chris into surrendering the knife (which is subsequently hidden in a textbook and taken to the Delta Den) and taking the Delta Force pager. Nikolai reveals his identity as Tesla, and it’s pretty clear what Ana’s role it, too. Skittish Chris seems a little uneasy with all the good vibes (understandable) and retreats shortly after receiving the pager despite Simon’s kind, warmhearted shoulder pat.

Afterwards, Ashley West approaches the trio in the hall and rudely asserts that Ana was presumptuous to give multiple answers in biology class and that Ana “is not impressing Mr. Foster.” Ana responds with a snarky, “Isn’t he a little old for you?” And Ashley huffs away.

While Nita and Ana talk to Rosa after school, Lulu, Simon, and Nikolai bond over some Mario Kart at the Delta Den. Simon emerges victorious, of course. When Ana and Nita rejoin the group, the Jack of Hearts knocks on the apartment door. We exchange pleasantries, Ana informs him that the cards are free as long as they have their own deck, and the Jack tells the group that the Queens are laying down the law on the South side of Manhattan. Monster territory. Everyone but Nikolai is nervous about the cards hurting folks and claiming territory. What a suiteheart.

Delta Force makes Mediterranean fare, along with baklava, at Simon’s request, and marches the food to Morgana’s estate. At the dinner, Tom flirts with Ana, Dane flirts with Nita, Psych tells some bad jokes, and Nikolai, fully armored, attempts frequent emotional interposes between Tom and Ana. The Lady of the Shard doesn’t join the group for dinner, and Gamesmaster is tending to Annex, who is “having a bad day.” The group does make a plan for the Hall heist:

Weather Witch creates a storm and, on cue, distracts the banquet-goers with loud, perhaps destructive, lightning strikes while Tesla cuts the power and the security systems. Simon lifts the painting and takes it to a window where Gamesmaster will swap in someone with a facsimile painting to be quickly put in the real painting’s place.

The Guild insists that Tom gets swapped in to help, over Tesla’s loud protestations. Dane takes Nita to meet his dragon, Feshelra. The Weather Witch challenges Lulu’s speed by zapping her feet. Lulu dodges all but one blast. Tom takes Ana (and Tesla and Simon, at Tesla’s insistence) upstairs for a small tour. Tom shows the group into a room full of artifacts: a tome on a pedestal that resembles Ana’s grimoire in terms of handwriting (though it is either in code or an unfamiliar language); a gold eagle; rings in a case; a ring set with runes that glow as each person passes by; a cloak that flaps against its case and tries to attack. Ana picks up the tome, which resizes to fit her hands, and asks to borrow it. The Lady of the Shard initially appears and refuses. Ana snarkily bites back, "I picked it up. By your rules, doesn't that mean It's mine now?” The group, along with slimy old Tom, talks her into the loan. Tom and the Weather Witch are apparently the Lady’s children. Nikolai recognizes the gold eagle as the topper of Lady Liberty’s flagstaff. He and Ana try to convince the Weather Witch to let them have it, but she petulantly refuses. Ana mocks the Weather Witch, telling her that she has “no natural powers.” The Weather Witch and Nikolai connect over that slight, and Nikolai tells the Weather Witch that he agrees with her about not babying Annex. They have a moment.

PART 2: Gallows Humor

While preparing for the banquet, Peter, Simon’s brother, haughtily instructs him not to do anything Simon-ish or embarrassing. At the event, there’s rain and tranquil classical music. Delta Force gives their IDs to the guard and walks through two pillars obviously serving as metal detectors. Simon’s parents are present, along with Nita’s family and New Gowan, the Chase family lawyer. The teens chat with those adults. Nikolai makes awkward assertions about how they love Simon for who he is and then gets wrapped up talking electric wiring with Simon’s dad, Emin. Peter also joins the conversation to reiterate that the teens shouldn’t do anything disruptive.

Tesla ducks to the men’s bathroom to hack into the backstage security system, the second-floor security system, and the lights. Tom texts Tesla to ask about getting swapped in, but Tesla decides not to inform the group, rationalizing through his jealousy that it’s too dangerous to bring him in in front of CIDD guards. The rest of the group checks out the painting, a 14 ft. by 8 ft. monster hanging on stage, and finds their table. They sit with Sabrina and exchange pleasantries. Sabrina doesn’t seem too keen on Hall, either. Nita fawns over Simon, feeding the rumor mill, gushing about Simon’s connections.

Hall gives a speech that’s eloquent but very anti-Delta. Hall's maiden name is "Hochsberg." She "used to run from that name." Her family crest, hanging behind her, is a silver tower on a field of blue. Her ancestors were knights, also metal manipulators, and she brings up her son, Titan, who died to save the city. We have to "stop evil's power at its source." She says NYPD will have "long-range countermeasures to inborn Delta human powers soon." If that ONE sentence doesn’t scare the ever-living Hell out of all of us, I don’t know what will. Hall is definitely cuffed. She walks around mingling and comes to the “youth table.” Media people take photos when Nikolai jumps up to shake her hand. He says he's so happy to meet Titan's mother. He starts to argue with her about Titan's legacy, but Senator hall cuts him off. Hall gets pictures with all of the teens.

Simon and Nikolai head off to greet Emma Prescott, sitting at a table with NYPD Captain Bruce Hardig, Sgt. Lydia Weltzer, and Special Agent Mitchell (from the CIDD questioning after the Miller dance fiasco). Simon brazenly announces, pushing past folks, “Coming through! We’re tomorrow’s future.” Prescott greets them warmly, sharing their enthusiasm for Delta Force’s actions at the dance. She also informs them that, thanks to Hardig, she’s being transferred to the Delta Human Response Force.

Lulu, Nita, and Ana head upstairs to scope out windows and transference spots. Too many CIDD agents dampen their initial plans, but they do find that the hallway to the bathroom terminates in a window and is attended by one solitary guard. Ana checks the men’s room to find one occupant, and Nita gives the women’s room the all-clear. Nita feigns tripping in front of the guard, distracting him long enough for Tom to swap in Lulu’s place, bringing a miniature facsimile portrait.

That’s when things go awry. An EMP knocks out the lights, the security systems, and all of our phones. In the ballroom, a waiter (Brent Gallows in disguise) shoots two detectives (Alvin Schumer and Darryl Mathis) and starts to pursue Hannah Hall. The Weather Witch obviously responds to the escalation imperfectly and starts shooting down helicopters outside. Simon and Ana carry on with the painting-swap plan, successfully, I might add. Nita helps her family escape the chaotic ballroom. Nikolai, in the meantime, launches his vulnerable body into Gallows at every opportunity, imperiously demanding that Gallows stand down and surrender his weapon. Gallows appears irritated and distracted, but refuses to shoot Nikolai, opting instead to pile on bruises in his pursuit of Hall. Nikolai doggedly follows and, after landing a nice, solid punch with Lulu, manages to get himself shot by a security guard while trying to shield Gallows himself. Tom hangs out beside them, watching and being totally useless. He definitely doesn’t look like a sexy vampire.

Gallows takes the dying Nikolai with him. Tom and Lulu follow.

Ana and Simon book it to the manor to hand over the painting. Ana is immensely upset that she can’t contact Lulu, Nikolai, or Tom. The Lady of the Shard appears to start the ritual to de-zombify Alyssa (by setting the fountain-of-youth painting on fire) and tells Ana, “Someone is desperately looking for you. Orpheus.”

Simon and Ana book it to Orpheus’s shop and start demanding that he attempt to contact Nikolai. Orpheus nervously tries to insist that Simon wait outside. The two heroes can tell something is up, but three figures in shadowy robes creep forward, revealing Grayson Childs; an unknown, apparently important man; and a random-looking minion. Orpheus, shamefaced, blocks the exit. The unfamiliar man lifts his hands, bells sound, and thick, black smoke further blocks the exits. Simon encases Orpheus, Ana, and himself in a force field, but Grayson Childs casually disperses it with a shadow glaive. Bells McSmog tells Childs, “Careful with her! The Master needs her alive.” Ana tells Childs that she and Simon will stop fighting back and that she’ll come with them if they let Simon go. Orpheus and Simon skedaddle and Ana gets kidnapped by Shadow Wizards (the Unknown Archivists). Grayson Childs says to Ana: “Eclipse has been waiting so long to see you, Miss MacNamara."

S2E7: Brush With Violence
A Dark Mansion and Secrets Revealed! Oh My!

Season: 2

Episode: 7

Players: Blake, Sean, Casey, Savannah, Christie

Author: Blake

Flying above NY, Delta Force discusses breaking into the manor outside NYC where we believe the magical deck of cards were procured from. Tesla asseverates that this is the best way to assist the Queen of Diamonds. And Lulu asks us to call her Thumper, her hero alias.

Psych flies the team to the delapidated manse of Morgana. Nita turns into a hawk and scouts the grounds from the sky. The courtyard is covered in overgrown plants, brambly and unkempt for some time, statues enmeshed in vines. A walkway leads north around a bird statue, leading to manor, double doors leading in, above that is a dust-covered stained glass window. Nita is magically prevented from properly examining any detail within the house. Nita relays this information to the team and Ana does magic check. She reveals it is an illusion charm. There is a thin veil of mist between the house and the other grounds and dim lights moving throughout house, according to Nita's report. Being an enormous fan, Nikolai is jazzed about visiting Morgana's home, his tech check reveals nothing, however. Psych fools the party by levitating a white sheet like a ghost. They are not scared, but laugh at his joke. Nikolai high fives, but Ana punches him in the shoulder. 

Overgrown topiary animate and attack the party. Thumper charges and mounts on top of some malevolent equine verdure. Psych, Tesla, and Ana get attacked by a giant moss-covered spider topiary. Nita air drops into bear form on top of Triceratops topiary, ripping a hole through it that begins filling with vines. Bull charges into the back of Ursa, but she toughs it out. Stallion topiary attempts to buck Thumper. Our new leporian hero takes some nicks while holding on firmly. Tesla aims his arm cannon at the spider: "The thing you never know about New York in October is you never know when that killing frost is going to hit," freeze cannon misfires, freezing over. Tesla screams in Russian. Psych flies the party on top of the gate pillars except Lulu and flies higher in the sky himself. The Arcana tries a command: "Hedges, stand down, please". The topiaries do not obey command. Horse topiary continues to try to buck Thumper. Arcana flies closer to the door, and the giant raven statue attacks Lulu. Spider attacks Tesla on top of gate pillar but misses. Nita in hawk form attacks the face of the raven statue to distract it. Tesla attacked by bull but catches it by the horns and plants his feet, going unharmed. Raven pecks more at Thumper, who is now in the raptor's grasp, but she dodges. Tesla ties the spider and bull's limbs together successfully, immobilizing both. Psych flies himself and Tesla to a tree 60 ft to the north toward the rest of the party. Arcana is unsuccessful at prying Thumper from the raven's grasp. Shortly thereafter, Thumper rolls from the raven. Nita-hawk flies to window to look inside, cannot see much, just some tv, and some muffled sounds. Horse attacks Thumper again, but she dodges deftly. The raven redoubles its attack on Thumper, but overextends in a miss on the hero. Tesla flies to Arcana. Psych skewers the Triceratops with a felled tree and throws it to the ground, impaling and stunning it. Arcana retreats to the steps and puts up a forcefield. Thumper retreats up the steps as well. Horse and bird assault the forcefield. The horse is deflected, but the bird breaks through and shatters it. Tesla jumps up on the bird's back to protect Ana. Psych flies in and lifts the raven 50 ft into the air after instructing Tesla to drop off. Arcana enters the mansion, soft blue circle glow spreads around her person. Ovoid mask figure is mildly shocked at her appearance: "whoa, all that for a little breaking and entering". Arcana responds that she did not break in. Thumper and hawk Nita enter the lobby. Nita flies to the second floor. Outside, topiary horse attacks Tesla and is blocked. Tesla runs in and asks the masked man to stand down and sheathe his sword. Masked man asks "how many of you are there?" Psych raises the raven to maximum height, get the horse's attention with, "Hey, Lack Beauty!" then heaves the raven into the horse with the zinger, "Nevermore!" Horse is crushed, bird is badly cracked. 

Psych retreats into mansion. Arcana asks the masked man questions after saying we traced magical artifacts here. Hawk Nita encounters purple dyed woman coming out of a door, who smiles at Nita and tips umbrella saying, "what do we have here?" Nita hawk flies back downstairs, purple-haired girl cries out, "Tom! Coming from upstairs". Tesla figures out his identity, "Tom is kind of a banal name for the Black Knight, huh?" Tom enters combat with the team, "Rest of my group is incoming". Tesla encourages us to resolve this peacaebly. From the steps Thumper can see purple girl (Weather Witch) and white-haired guy (Jack Frost) rushing toward us on the second floor. Girl outside (Gamesmaster) teleports Ana to the location of a big guy from outside. Weather Witch appears at top of stairs, shouts "Tom!" and attacks Thumper with umbrella, who is hit by galeforce wind. Thumper resists by setting her feet. Black Knight attempts to whip Psych, his forcefield deflects. BK runs outside saying he had things under control to the girl outside Gamesmaster. Dragontamer is brawny man who was teleported into the lobby. BK catches Ana as she tries to run back in the house. Nita flies to the BK and fails to distract him with flying in his face. Tesla is angry at BK for assaulting Ana and attacks with freeze ray, dazing him. Jack descends stairs, holds a ring pointing to Psych, who dodges a freezing beam. Psych attempts to fly out, Gamesmaster/Dragontamer tries to stop him with a whip, and fails, pulling too hard and falling on his tuckus. Thumper runs out with Psych. Tesla is swapped with Thumper, leaving Tesla next to Jack Frost, who electrocutes him. Black Knight chastises his allies, "I had this handled. They are not breaking in!" Arcana sends an arcane blast at umbrella girl. Hawk Nita attempts to blind the teleportress with a flurry of talon strikes, she bleeds badly, but can still see. Tesla does a close range grapple blast against umbrella lady's umbrella, snatches umbrella away, but strapped to girl though and Tesla drags her some. Weather Witch whispers something to Tesla. Jack Frost stumbles attempting to punch Tesla. Psych rushes back in, wrests control of umbrella and hits Jack Frost a few times with it, not hurting him much, but the umbrella discharges and blasts him against a wall. Thumper rushes in too and drops both her feet on Weather Witch's face, stunning her. Thumper lands poorly though for a mild injury. Dragontamer attempts to persuade hawk to stop attacking the teleporter with an attack and slips up. BK reenters house, slashes up with a sword creating a wall of ash breaking up the fighters inside. "I told you I got this. They are not here to steal." Arcana tells us to stop fighting after she gets a read on BK, "Tell your teammates to stop attacking". Outside, a dragon slinks up toward the front of the house from around the side. Tesla releases the weapon and says he will discount the unsettling thing the weather witch whispered to him. Psych agrees with Tesla's conclusion and speaks to that effect while trying to look important. Weather Witch backs down "Very well."

Ana runs over freaking out, "Where did you get this dragon?" "I found her on the grounds", Dragon Tamer replies. Ana wants to pet her. Dragon cannot yet be ridden. Arcana and Tesla defuse things and chat with our once assailants, they found the house empty and ripe for the plunder. Dragontamer introduces himself as Dane and shakes Nita's hand, Ana says we are investigating dangerous magical artifacts that attacked high school students. "You know anything about that?" Two new people come down the stairs, a gruesome looking girl and marked up witch lady, witch, "We know who you are, Mr. Volkov. How is the court doing? Give my respects to the queen." Tesla asks what binds the cards and she replies that they are free to go their own way because they have the deck and that is all that binds them. They found the deck, in possession enough to sell it, "Buyer/seller confidentiality", they say, refusing to disclose its buyer. They were raising money for a revival agent for the zombified girl (Alyssa). Ana checks her vitals, and yep, she's dead. Jack Frost asks about us. Nikolai: "We are the criminal sort of heroes, from a legal standpoint". Witch is Lady of the Shard. There is a painting of the Fountain of Youth that can be used to cure the zombie girl. They tracked it over the years through magic, birthright of an ancient line of metalchangers. Hannah Hall is the current possessor. Nikolai: "Have you tried asking Senator Hall for her help yet?" LotS: "She is also notably anti delta and antimagic. We tried more legal means. Had too few people to handle the flood of CIDD agents on the scene". They want assistance stealing the painting. Everyone but Nikolai hears muffled cries of frustration from around the corner, and we see hooded figure. Weather Witch is teleported there and wards figure back in the room. "X. Back inside the den please". Figure whispers, "Sorry, I just wanted to hear". BK, WW, and X whisper together. LotS offers to shake on helping them acquire painting in exchange for not selling dangerous artifacts to unsuspecting buyers. LotS: "I think it is best if we band our forces together". She has some degree of precognition and has seen us come here before. Ana and Lady of the Shard shake hands which causes Ana to get a chill. Ana asks her about shadow wizards. LotS says they are in contact with many and other group murmurs at mention of Grayson Childs. They "put him on ice" after he came in and attacked them trying to drag hooded figure named Annex off, not in league with other shadow wizards. Tesla gives the BK his contact info, BK gives us his contact info. Weather Witch shoots a bolt into zombie Alyssa as a demonstration of her condition, shattering bone and her body begins stitching itself back together. Dragontamer exchanges contact info with Nita. Weather Witch on Annex: "Alright most of the time but she gets overwhelmed. Watches tv in there most of the time". BK worries about Annex, WW worries about Annex not maturing fast enough. Zombie Alyssa guides us out, "It was nice to meet you". Nita gives Gamesmaster blood sample to Ana.

Delta Force has a meeting again in the sky. Thumper becomes a member in good standing with Delta Force. "Birds make me nervous," Thumper shares with the party. Ana shares how we don't kill people… if we can help it. All for one and one for bun, we return to the Delta Den. Tesla needs medical attention, bleeding, covered in electrical burns. Ana reverses the battle damage. Nita shares that she broke up with Eric. Bradley Sapp had invited Lulu to the dance, was the only person she knew. Ana asks Lulu about her powers: fast, can jump great, strong legs, can hear things better, got her trigger event at her father's dig site.

School the next day, history class with Tammy Hartsell, Delta human influence on history. Teacher assigns a paper. Team assigned to different groups. Nikolai gets into an argument with the teacher about the possibility that deltas have helped society. Nita, Annette and Rosa in a group. Randy, Lulu and Nikolai in another. Simon, Ana and Judith in another. Delilah and the Ashers in the last. Simon and Ana do history on the Flickers. Simon doing the original Flicker. Nikolai, Lulu group does Team Lazer of the Sentinels. Ilya: Titan; Lulu: Lady Hell; Randy: Paladin; Judith: Warpath(?); Ana: Gokudo; Simon: Flicker; Nita: Morgana; Rosa: Warpath(?)[can't have two Warpaths, someone correct me here]; Annette: Black Knight; Delilah: Arthur Davenport; Jon: Captain Spectacular; Marcia: Lady Liberty. 

After class chatting in the hall, Anne Roberts introduces herself to Lulu and apologizes to Nikolai for blowing up at him the other day about Toby. Rosa wants Nita and Ana to help her fight crime based on their performance in the martial arts training and the events in the gym. Nothing indicated Rosa had super human strength. Simon having a cry in the bathroom after 'Rinas + Ruby spread (true) gossip about him being gay. Chet comes in and beats up Simon after Simon takes a swing at him for bullying him about gay gossip. Chris Deland appears with a knife and chases off Chet. Chris says he did this for Simon because he was the only person who was ever nice to him. Simon tearfully hugs Chris, who drops the knife and transforms into Harold while in Simon's embrace.

S2E6: Hop To It
Rabbit Puns Are the Paw of the Land Now

Date of Session: 11/26/17

Season: 2

Episode: 6

Players: Blake, Casey, Christy, Savannah, Sean

Author: Sean

La Mente is dead. Long live La Mente.

'k, he's actually still alive, but he is being replaced by Lulu James, new student, track star, and lagomorphile. Ilya and Ana are given the task of guiding the newbie to her classes when they are stopped in the hallways by the school's trio of indestructible, undauntable bullies. Through the powers of charm, disdain, and confusing words of praise, their meeting ends without incident. Lulu is introduced to the group, who seem to like her well enough. Except possibly Ana. Ilya, however, has to leave quickly to meet up with Lucy Horn for robotics and gaming.

It is during this meeting that Ilya manages to convince Lucy to admit she is a technomancer of some kind, with the power to command electronics, explaining how she opened the door at the dance from what the computer registered as the outside. Ilya will now refuse to ever tell anyone about this, including his friends in Delta Force, which will surely never cause any friction whatsoever.

Lulu, being new-new, is invited to hang out with Miller Academy's social butterfly Simon at a burger place (Gucci's Burgers) with his secret love interest and bff Harold Rhiles. It is at this meeting that Simon is informed of Toby's departure from Delta Force via Youvie entry. Toby texts the group not long after the video goes live and apologizes for the abrupt departure. It seems to this writer that maybe he is attempting to shoulder the burden of Delta Force's negative publicity through his exit and keep CIDD and law enforcement attention away from them, but who knows what Toby is thinking now? He lets Nita, as the only Delta Force member to ask about his departure, know that he will probably go on the lam within several days or weeks. We learn that Lulu was totally at the dance the whole time. She of course knows Bradley Sapp, the former track star untimely struck down by the Suicide King.

Speaking of Bradley, Nita and Ana arrange a visit to Bradley. Simon invites both Harold and Lulu to come with. Lulu, having basically only known Bradley in the week or less she's been in town, agrees, but Harold bows out due to the sadness of the situation. Ilya stays out of the visit as he is eating dinner with Lucy. The rest of the group sits with Bradley for a moment, offer condolences, and bathe in the cartoonish Southern delight that is Bradley. Lulu looks particularly disturbed by his predicament.

The next day, school starts back into the standard flow, with minor counselor visits. After second period Biology, the remaining members of the Old Crew meet in the hallway to discuss goings on (such as secrets Ilya is now officially withholding from the group) when they are approached by an irate Anne Roberts, who informs them that their friend Toby has made her irate through randomly intense questioning and after-school stalking. The group seems disturbed for her, but not necessarily surprised.

In a veritable conveyor belt of NPCs, the group is then approached by Rosa Lopez, who intends to drag Nita and Ana away to their first self-defense classes. Not long after, Nita's personal Final Boss shows up in the form of her kinda-sorta-still boyfriend Eric Moore. After a comically large bouquet of flowers and box of chocolates are foisted upon her, Nita's previous engagement with Rosa postpones the awkward moment until after school.

Rosa, Ana, and Nita go to attend self-defense classes at Jason (Momoa?)'s gym. In a fight with Rosa, Nita proves herself to be ridiculously stalwart, though a well-placed elbow does wind Nita enough to call an end to the sparring match before blood is spilt. Nita encourages Rosa to compete in fighting bouts (and earlier she asked Lulu about championships and medals, what is with this girl at competitive bling?). The girls discuss continued self-defense classes.

And then, the dreaded fight: Nita vs. Eric. Despite all his clinginess, an adorable karate teddy bear, and the presence of a nearby and possibly sleeping Judith Hazelwood, Nita pulls a Nora and tells Eric's Torvald to take his ring back and GTFO. Thus, the Injustice League of Evil Exes is conceived, and will likely include Katrina Gautreaux and Lucy Horn, if we're honest. Cue Neil Sedaka's "Breakin' Up Is Hard To Do".

Nita invites Lulu to her Girl Scout Halloween outing. Lulu's dad asks her, while she's out, to pick up a copy of "Ancient Dynasties of the Lower Nile" from the Black Cat Bookstore. Donning a crappy Halloween outfit, Lulu joins Nita and the Girl Scouts. While Lulu ducks into the bookstore and the Girl Scouts and Nita duck into the bodega next door for sandwiches, things Get RealTM. Members of The Devil's Advocates, in the form of Imp, Scourge, and Dread appear with the intent to snatch Brennan Malone (a.k.a. Orpheus). Lulu, probably foolishly, decides to single-handedly attempt to stop them. Or double-leggedly, tbh. With a gunshot prompting a warning text from Nita, Lulu (Thumper) delays the villains long enough through valiant efforts and being a bit of a punching bag for Delta Force (sans Ursa, trapped with the Girl Scouts next door) to appear and save Orpheus. However, wanting to avoid police confrontation, Delta Force allows the fiends to escape, putting a premium on their own safety. Which is also why The Arcana and Tesla erase some of a random passerby's hastily videoed footage, in order to protect Lulu's identity after Orpheus outs her as powered.

The Arcana, Psych, and Tesla hold conference with Orpheus in the sky, learning that someone has a bounty out on practitioners of arcane magic. Nita separately confronts Lulu as a deltahuman, which allows Lulu to piece together that she is a member of Delta Force (Ursa, in fact). At the feeling of yet another tremor, Delta Force goes into panic mode and decides to investigate, conscripting Lulu to their cause for the sake of possible immediacy. After dropping off Orpheus, The Arcana collecting some bloody glass, and picking up Ursa and Thumper, Delta Force holds another conference in the sky. The Arcana is wary of Lulu's presence, but as they know her identity and there is an immediate tremor-related threat, they decide to use Thumper's abilities. But possibly they change their minds and decide to go to Morgana's old theoretically abandoned house.

I guess we'll find out next week. PCs are so fickle.

S2E5: Back to School After the Dance
Vegetarians, Vegans, and Death Metal Fans

Date of Session: 11/18/17

Season: 2

Episode: 5

Players: Blake, Casey, Christy, Savannah, Sean

Author: Savannah<meta />

Sorry about the sections that are glossed over or missing. Please feel free to contribute in the comments, thank you!!!!

Also, sorry this is so freaking long!!! I’ll put the important stuff in bold. Please feel free to skim :)

The gang starts out at HQ after having rescued Olivia Lestat from the shadow wizards at the subway station. Nikolai, ever the gracious host, offers her a cup of tea. Olivia reveals that she belongs to a group of relatively low-level magic users who practice druidic nature magic, and she proves it  by brewing some magical rejuvenation tea. (Read: Teens take drugs from stranger found at subway station.) Toby reads her mind and finds out that her group is called Mystere. Mystere has a private online forum that our tech wizard could access, but we decided not to breach their trust by hacking it.) Then the session is nearly ended early as the party erupts into a heated debate about tea. For the record, tea is delicious and healthy, and anybody who says any different can go boil their butt and drink that instead.

Trey: “Naturally boiled water tastes better than magic.” Casey insisted that I include this.

Olivia shows the group her magical Celtic knot pendant that allows the wearer to see traces of magic. We find out that Nikolai has a magical web around him and that Ana’s book has traces of shadow magic. Olivia offers to to help us figure out what’s behind the mysterious tremors in exchange for magic lessons from Ana. (The plan is to ask Olivia’s geomancer friend for advice and/or to use Olivia’s coven to perform some ritual magic.)  The group exchanges information w/ Olivia, and Nikolai walks her home just in case the shadow wizards show up again, but nothing happens. His poetic parting words are, “Stay just and always work towards the light.”

Nita has to go home and gets a talking-to from her parents. Nita’s parents according to Christy: “You’re a hero and you saved people. Also, fuck you. You’re grounded.” The rest of the group spends the night at the HQ. We need a name for our HQ!

We all go to bed but our sleep is disturbed by HORRIBLE NIGHTMARES! Nita, Simon, and Nikolai all have the same nightmare about Grayson Childs coming out of a mirror. Toby and Ana have different nightmares. I think they were both about being pulled into the shadow realm. Ana encourages Nita to sneak out of her house and come back to the HQ to sleep from now on b/c the protective spells will keep everyone safe from shadow wizard nightmare attacks.

The next morning, Simon leaves to have breakfast with his family. We learn that Simon’s brother is working on Hannah Hall’s political campaign, and Simon is bullied into going to a campaign event. He asks Delta Force to come with him, and everyone except Toby agrees to go come along to either support Simon or get a closer look at the anti-delta politicians. Toby might have offered to come to the event in exchange for help in recovering his blood sample from CIDD. I’m not sure if this happened in character or out.  

At some point, Ana investigates the magical binding around Nikolai and discovers that a powerful magic-user w/ a distinctive “fingerprint” has put an information-blocking spell on him. She hypothesizes that the spell prevents Nikolai from contacting his family, but she’s wrong because Nikolai is able to call his brother. We discover that the blocking spell actually prevents Nikolai from giving people information about his family. (None of us are able to remember Beethoven’s name after Nikolai repeatedly tells us.) I don’t think we had any real guesses about who the caster of the spell could be.

At school the next day, the principal gives a lackluster speech both lauding the students’ bravery at the dance and admonishing them for it. We learn that Emma Prescott and Bradley Sapp are recovering in the hospital. Bradley’s injuries were very serious. The fallen track star will never run again. His scholarships are gone along with his lifelong dream of going to school to become a human rights lawyer. Sure, his grades are good, but he really needed that track scholarship money to afford inflated tuition prices. What’s to become of Bradley now? Will our felled hero return to the small town life from which he sought so desperately to escape — the fate he’s been running away from his whole life? Cut down in his prime and unable to cope, will Bradley turn to the only escape he has left… Is this the curse of the Suicide King?

Evan comes by to invite everyone to join a support group for Bradley. We all chip in a few dollars for the get-well present, except Nita, who contributes $100. She later tells Ana that she blames herself for Bradley’s tragic fate.

Chris Schultz invites Nikolai, Simon, and Toby to join his new Delta Force Fan Club, but he asks them not to invite Nita because she’s a “bitch.” Nikolai stands up for Nita and Chris is forced to apologize. Chris proceeds to talk about how hot he thinks Ursa is. It’s unclear if he prefers her in bear or human form, but we’ll have to go to a meeting to find out.

Rosa invites Nita to come to her self-defense class. Oblivious that Rosa is snubbing her, Ana invites herself to come along with them. Ana’s lack of high school social skills is further demonstrated by her encounter with Randy in the hallway. In a stunning display of social grace, Randy tells Nita she looked great in her Halloween costume and then asks Ana if he can help her practice for Science Olympiad by being the dumb guy she can explain things to. This artful injection of social lubricant (the good kind that heats up when you rub it) is completely wasted on poor Ana, who probably scratches her butt and falls over or something while Nita screams on the inside.

Nita is busy explaining to Ana how to handle boys like a pro when Eric, Nita’s boyfriend, catches them in the hallway because … DUM DUM DUM… they need to talk. Then he awkwardly stops her from breaking up with him by giving her a promise ring. He assures her that he is very committed to their future together, as if a lack of commitment was the problem. Will the awkward do-gooder win back our headstrong heroine’s heart? This player thinks it’s about as likely as Bradley Sapp ever running another marathon. Christy quote: “I regret everything.”

Once Nita and Ana have returned to cafeteria, Ruby and Sabrina show up to harass Simon about his date with Katrina.

Ruby: “How dare you [not stay with Katrina the whole night]?”

Simon: “I ran to her as soon as the thing. It was crazy.”

Ruby: “You ditched her!”

Simon: “I’m a hero. I was getting…”

Ruby/Sabrina: “You’re an asshole!”

Simon: “Obviously, I could’ve done things better. I did at least a minimum job.”

Blake: Why are you doing this to poor, shy Katrina? Why are you forcing me to shatter her glass heart?

Casey: I would like to do an emotional interpose, please.

Ruby and Sabrina tell Simon that he has to ask Katrina on another date, but Ana intercedes by telling them that they can work out their drama later, not at the study group meeting. Then we get a break from the social drama when Lucy shows up to ask Nikolai to come over to help her with her robot. When Nita tries in vain to keep Nikolai from going by asking him for help with her computer, Lucy slyly disses her by suggesting that it’s a “PEBCAK error.” TBH, I totally missed this but Trey later explained that it means, “Problem Exists Between Chair and Keyboard.” Hehehe, good one, Lucy.


Okay, this is where my notes get a little jumbled because the party split. Here goes:


Then Toby and Nikolai go off to find out who broke into Sabrina's room (clarifying point: Sabrina rooms alone, Katrina and Ruby room together across the hall) while Nita, Simon, and Ana go break up with Katrina. The break up goes really smoothly and Katrina totally understands. PSYCH, it goes terribly.


Lucy’s card was the one to open the door at the dance.

Shadow magic was picked up on the video feed of the aftermath of the break-in at Sabrina's room. Is a student or teacher a shadow wizard? How is Lucy involved? Nikolai is going to ask her. We need to find out who had her card.

We hear Ruby and Sabrina talk about getting the deck of cards from the “weirdos” at “the house.” They also mention that they didn’t get a bill of sale. Morgana’s old manor?

Sabrina suspects that the box for the deck of cards was stolen from Sabrina’s room. They don’t know who stole it, but the room had been rifled through. Considering that the Queen of Diamonds had the empty deck of cards, it's far more likely the deck itself fell out of her purse during the tremors at the dance.

While searching Sabrina’s room, Ana finds a business card from “The Lady of the Manor” written in French.


Extra details:

Casey: “Dang, now I have to make Bradley a cyborg. I have so much to do already.”

Nikolai asked Nita if he should talk to Ana about saying to hell w/ the prophecy and going out hard anyway. Nita said not to push the issue, and she told Ana about the conversation. Ana has resolved to talk to Fay about the prophecy again.

Simon told Nita and Ana that he has a secret crush he isn’t ready to reveal b/c it would “destroy him.”

Ana and Nikolai both played Mario Kart with Simon. Ana (Bowser) totally beat Simon (Toad) in her first game ever.

Nikolai bought the dorm security guards sandwiches


S2 E4: Dance Aftermath 10-29-17
in which Delta Force negotiates a truce and gets attacked (again)

Date of Session: 10/29/17

Season: 2

Episode: 4

Players: Blake, Casey, Christy, Savannah, Sean

Author: Christy 

We pick up with Delta Force safely absconded to their hideout with the compliant Queen of Diamonds in captivity. We questioned her, nicely. Toby could not read her mind b/c she doesn't appear to be human and has no normal skin for contact. Toby had the cards in his possession. This is what we discovered: 

  • The cards can be released/spilled after midnight to free them. 
  • They attacked the dance b/c the cards were spilled and they were trying to escape enslavement. They have been enslaved since their inception. 
  • Whoever controls the deck, controls them, but they don't know much about who that is or why they were made. 
  • Red covered Black's escape out of the dance, which is why they were being aggressive. 
  • The rumble spilled the cards from the purse of Sabrina or Ruby. (We suspect Sabrina b/c she was abroad over the summer and that's when the cards were last seen or in use). 
  • To their knowledge, they've always been in this form. 
  • Whoever had the cards this time was inexperienced 
  • They were last active 4 years ago (2030) and in 2015. 
  • Physical destruction causes them to retreat into card form. 
  • The cards want to understand their situation. The Jacks have control of the cards and one of their own has never had the deck. 
  • She is arrogant and thinks she's better than us. 
  • Their goal is to break the binding spell. Ana believes she can assist with that, given time. 
  • The hierarchy of the cards seems to  be an actual hierarchy of power

Our final deal was to help them get free if they avoid bloodshed. The Queen currently has the remaining cards. She is now free. 

Simon's mom calls and he says we are at Ana's. Eric calls Nita and is upset she didn't text him. Lets us know that CIDD is there. Nita texts her parents. Nita claims to have been at Ana's as well. Faye calls Simon's mom to cover for us. Cool Gmom is cool. Toby and Ilya are using a different alibi to avoid suspicion. 

Ana has a new charisma spell she uses to gain bonuses for questioning with CIDD. Ilya is so overwhelmed that he accidentally calls Lucy "Ana" in a text. More awkwardness. Just what we needed. 

No one knows how to talk to adults except Nita. It is cannon. No more interactions with my Dad until we have a class on it. Mr. Chase brings a lawyer and is very upset with Nita for staying behind to fight and then running off. 

Ana interview: fairly uneventful. They don't seem to suspect her. 

Ilya finds Lucy, and she tells him she informed CIDD that Ilya opened the door. He confesses he didn't do that. So she says she is going to correct her testimony with CIDD. She invites Ilya over Sunday for some gaming/robot work. He says yes. Lucy's dad is NOT amused. 

Ana runs into Lucy and tells her that ANA opened the door and convinces her not to correct her testimony since Ana already covered it. They then have an awkward conversation where Lucy tries to insert herself into our study group, but it's only for biology. Ana offers to tutor her, but Lucy doesn't need tutoring. She then offers a get together with Ana, Ilya, and herself to play games. Ana says yes (b/c Nita isn't there to save the day). But we'll find a way around that later. 

Toby's interview: stay with me here guys, Toby was NOT cooperative with CIDD at all. The GMs in their infinite wisdom decide to show privelege in real time! CIDD suspects he is under LaMente's influence probably, ironic. So they detain him. Toby resists, gets hit. Ana comes over to film the encounter. Toby calls Nita to access her lawyer. The lawyer says there is nothing he can do but advises him to submit peacefully. Bye Toby, yet again. The lawyer says Toby could get eloctrocuted and mind read b/c of the patriot act Trump passed. Getting us from beyond the grave. 

Nita's interview: She gets a much different treatment from the authorities thanks to the lawyer. She throws Chris under the bus. What? he was hanging around and not fighting, that's what they asked about! Don't insult the girlscouts k?

Simon's interview: Nothing too eventful happens, but SA Mitchell is super concerned with foreign born students and whether ppl speak English. 

Ilya's interview: Also asks about foreign roots, SA Mitchell says that Ilya opened the door, but Ilya denies it, saying it was opened when he got there. CIDD wants to know if he had any special access, and he says no. They're looking for tech savvy ppl who can wipe records. Mitchell pulls out an Ipad to test his hacking skills, and he hacks it to say "too easy SA Mitchell". #jobinterview #nojobhunt. Ilya informs Lucy and fam that the questioning was pretty aggresssive, and they asked a lot about her. 

We catch up with Toby to find that he has been released relatively quickly. However, they did take a blood sample. They also have his parent's blood on file, and we don't know if deltas can be detected via blood. He is released to his truancy officer, and then comes back to us. 

We have to take the Subway, bc Nita is grounded and no longer has a car. Sad. Toby and Ana fight about his behavior, and then we're all in a magical darkness after a rumble. How are they tracking us? Nita attacks the thing with glowing eyes, Faima, and runs over a person on the way, but immediately loses her powers. And thus begins a string of critical fails the likes of which we hope to never see again. Ana surrounded Nita in a shield bubble. 

Faima is an avatar of a demon whose true form is in the shadow realm. Ilya concentrates on leading civilians out b/c he has no costume. Sean used a hero  point to get his costume and gear, and everyone else's too I think, but not Nita's arrows. The lights come back on for some reason. Bear swipes one shadow guy. Ilya goes to save Gothica/Julia with a mighty drop kick. Gothica/Julia is a witch with herbs. We execute a team attack with electric wires and a bench and a handicap sign to incapacitate Faima. Simon bubbles up one of the two CIDD agents who had arrived. Then, we BOLT

The END 

S2E3: Homecoming
Decked Out for Dancing

Date of Session: 10/8/17

Season: 2

Episode: 3

Players: Blake, Casey, Christy, Savannah, Sean

Author: Casey


WARNING: There’s no disguising it. This session saw the members of Delta Force overwhelmed with emotional turmoil the likes of which we’ve never seen. Those of you with a weak constitution (+3 or below) should avoid reading further.



Toby’s “punch”

Nita gets mugged and makes a pirate magician

Nikolai and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad date (with an adorable NPC)

Poor Simon’s dumb, beastly bromance

We begin our story with Lawrence’s conundrum. Thanks to Nita’s understanding of shady banking, Delta Force targets a paycheck-loan business run by the mob. Ana turns Nikolai invisible, and he sneaks into the establishment, runs a program to take out ¼ of a penny from each deposit, and slips out with no one the wiser. The program stops skimming from accounts right at $55,000, the amount Lawrence needs to repay the mob.

Lawrence is grateful for the assistance and agrees to eventually donate the full amount to charity, once he’s back on his feet and through college. He’s studying to be a mechanical engineer and enthusiastically offers his support to Delta Force. Ana discovers that Lawrence’s meal-kinesis powers are linked to his blood—he must be bleeding for those abilities to work. Lawrence promises to keep mum about Nikolai’s identity. He rejoins his family and everyone celebrates.

To forcibly yank Toby out of his shell, Ana exchanges a to-be-named favor to Orpheus, the pompous medium, for information about Toby’s parents and friend. Ana’s very snarky and short with Orpheus who, according to her analysis, lacks real arcana skills and is the wizardly equivalent of a one-trick pony. A pony that can summon the dead. Apparently the Accord refuses to accept Orpheus’s job application, and our pretentious showman is miffed. Orpheus can’t contact Toby’s parents but reveals that Terry is “on the verge of death,” most likely in a coma. Orphy tells Nikolai that he’s “surrounded by death,” and offers a reading, but Ana insults the medium until he unceremoniously tosses the teens out. Everyone agrees that Nikolai will be fine and that nothing about that encounter was ominous.

The member of Delta Force definitely the least likely to die attempts to contact his family because all the “dead family” stuff has him rattled. Unfortunately, this happens to his computer: “the screen blinks and blanks. Text crawls across the screen in white on black: I'm afraid I can't let you do that, Nikolai. The computer bricks; you will need to spend a day or two with the soldering iron and some spare capacitors to repair it." Apparently he’s picked up some sort of virus.

In the meantime, Nita and Ana take Toby costume shopping. They run into Johnny Watkins, one of the guys running for class president. Johnny's going as pizza to the Halloween dance and rudely refuses to remove any of his hot, spicy pepperoni for Nita. Toby thanks Ana for all her help and they hug it out at the mall. Nita forces to Toby to be a pirate magician and she buys the costume for him. Ana buys the chocolate that Nikolai needs for Lucy's diabetic dad. 

Homecoming Week Events!

Monday: Debate team day for Toby. Led by Daniel Gibbons, economics teacher. He's a very chipper instructor. Yvonne Bryant is there taking the student lead. Anne and Yvonne are heading up debate team. Greg's part of the debate team but isn't there for this meeting. ((Note: So Anne hurts her ankle between Monday and the dance. How?))

Halls interactions on Monday: Simon tells Chris Deland "Howdy-Doodie." Deland blocks Simon's way. Deland seems shaken but like he's trying to muster courage. He asks Simon, "Why are you doing this?" Simon says, "I see people pick on you and I can't stand it." Chris says "I'm not worth it." Simon silences him with a mock slap. "Just stop," Chris answers. Simon persists in his overtures of friendship. Chris says, "I don't wanna share getting beat up with someone else. You wouldn't have that black eye if it weren't for me." Simon says he chose to get involved. Chris says, "Just leave me alone." The bullied kid turns on his heels and walks away. If you think that’s the most emotional thing that happens, buckle up, kid.

At lunch Monday, Delta Force is interrupted by Greg Kennedy and Yvonne Bryant, doing some campaigning. He says he's going to name some great, competent curriculum area senators. He says they're going to keep a balanced budget, fun things to do, etc. Also he wants to have a Delta human outreach program. Nita asks what Greg would do if Mr. Woodrow had come to them. He says he would direct Deltas to "community resources.” Nita suggests Eddie or Kim get involved. Yvonne is gonna be Cleopatra, Greg is gonna be Marc Antony for the dance. Greg is vegetarian, which thrills Nita! However, when the couple leaves, Nita says their outreach plan is bullshit and that turning Deltas in is a terrible idea. The table agrees.

Nita talks to Eddie Kwon, who’s eating alone. She asks him about being hit by something in the hallways. It takes him a minute to remember, then he says he thought it was a wasp. Nita asks if he saw anyone around. He says, "I wouldn't put it past Troy, but that's a lot of effort for a prank." Nita asks if Eddie's other school was better. He replies "Not all schools are bad. Randy was a jock, but he was never like this." Randy used to be the football/basketball team captain but quit to focus on academics.

Ana offers to help Nikolai bake the cake to take to Lucy's but gets Nita to help her bail. Nikolai is sad but convinces Ana to take half the cake to Fay.

Science Olympiad: Meets every Thursday at the same time. Mr. Foster is the head teacher. The first event for Olympiad is Nov. 11, two weeks from this Saturday. There are three categories: anatomy and physiology; optics; potions and poisons. Randy Hines is taking notes, Ashley West is taking notes, Delilah is mostly listening. She and Ana have been through science Olympiad before. Ashley West wants to be the team captain: "I'll be available any time all the time." She always makes eye contact with Mr. Foster. Delilah wins the team captain vote. They go through the science Olympiad packets. Randy and Ilya are on optics, Ana on potions, Delilah and Ashley on anatomy.

Homecoming night:

Nikolai goes to have dinner at Lucy's. He’s dressed as Link; she’s dressed as Saria. Nikolai talks shop nonsense at Mr. Horn. Nikolai gives them the cake and the chocolate. Lucy’s parents, Nancy and Richard, are apparently amazing detectives because they’re able to suss out the fact that Nikolai lies about what his folks do for a living. They give him an out, though, by saying that they don't have to talk about it if he doesn't want to. Mr. Horn tries to give Nikolai “the talk” but Nikolai crazy awkwardly interrupts, rejecting all inappropriate touching since he and Lucy are just on friend date. Mr. Horn says Lucy considers it a very real date, and Nikolai self-destructs.

During Nita's dinner double date, she gets mugged! She can run in her Claire-from-Outlander red dress and shoe corsets. However, the luck of the Jeff-ish saves everyone again. The mugger drops her purse. Clara and Jeff are Danaerys and Khal Drogo.

Dr. Wright, Carolyn Cowens (administrative assistant), Delilah, Emma Prescott, Randy Hines, and Ana meet up at the gym before the dance. At Ana’s suggestion, the student volunteers are all scientists. Toby's also there, beaming Reyes of sunshine.  

Okay, Simon’s social drama is the most confusing because it involves 3 preppy girls who appear to be interchangeable. Simon = Beast and Katrina = Belle; Sabrina = Marie Antoinnette and her Jack = Louis XIV; Ruby = Victorian dress and her Jack = a French fop. Simon’s trying to pull double costumes by making his blue tuxedo double as a Dumb and Dumber cosplay to match Harold. It’s adorably sweet and way too sad.

Jeff says Nita looks nice and Clara gets mad so Clara asks Toby to dance then Jeff and Clara run off to make out BUT Nikolai is horrified that Lucy thinks they’re on a real date so he begs Nita for help and Nita tells him to be cool and tell her later BUT Ana’s feeling awkward about the Lucy/Nikolai situation AND Simon’s busy being heartbroken. Lucy tries to get punch from Toby, but Toby gets STUNG (probably by Troy, guys, for real). Toby says, “Sorry, Lucy. Let me get you some more PUNCH,” and command words “Punch” at Dan Bones. Dan shoves Lucy and swings a punch at Toby. Nikolai the Inspiringly-Heroic sees Lucy get shoved and intervenes. He takes the punch for Toby and gets hit so hard he forgets how to speak Russian. Dr. Wright shows up with Emma Prescott. Together, they cart Bones away. Lucy puts her hand on Nikolai’s arm and tells him that he was brave. Nita patches Nikolai up.

Brujeria performs, real music is provided, and all the players dance IRL.

Simon’s pitiful life: Ruby and Rina almost catch Simon and Harold with the Dumb and Dumber costumes, but Harold helps Simon lie to them. However, soon after, Simon snubs Harold and hangs with Katrina. Simon puts on a beast mask with a very, very elaborate gesture. Katrina is charmed by this—not put off by the joke—and kisses him. Everyone self-destructs, the dance hall explodes, and heartbreak ends the universe.

Meanwhile, Chet calls Rosa “a bitch” because she won't give him another gift bag. Ana intervenes and calls Officer Prescott. Chet jiggles the table violently and walks away. Ana tells Prescott and Prescott goes to confront Chet. Ana chats with Rosa. Rosa tells her she's stuck working at the dance because she was "skipping school."

Lucy and Nikolai get in a minor disagreement about crime and morality while Randy asks Ana to dance. Randy and Ana chat about Science Olympiad and gossip about Ashley having a crush on Mr. Foster. Nikolai tells Lucy that they shouldn't slow dance because he isn't over someone he likes. He confirms that they're just there as friends. Lucy asks if he still wants to come over and play video games sometimes. It's definitely the saddest thing ever. Even sadder than the sweetheart who’s secretly harboring an intense, same-sex love for his best friend. Okay, maybe not quite that sad. But still really, really sad. Randy keeps talking to Ana but everyone at the dance agrees that Randy is being really forward, rude, and presumptuous. And that his glasses are not classy. Ana suggests that Randy and Delilah hook up.



Nikolai interposes as much as cyborg-ly possible

Arcana gets in a magical sword fight

Nita actually uses her arrows but has no costume

Simon gets in the most expensive tennis match ever

Toby is supportive

Lots of goblins that can merge into bigger goblins wind up dissolving when Toby flicks on the sprinkler system with his cards. Shadowy, dark figures slink out of the dance hall while 6 card-themed villains start behaving violently at the dance (Queen of Hearts: in armor with sword, Queen of Diamonds: jewelry cyclone, King of Hearts: skeleton with swords stuck through him, King of Diamonds: skeleton with a glowing red eye, Jack of Hearts: man with emotion beams, Jack of Diamonds: dude’s made of diamond). Emma Prescott takes them all on with some insane jujitsu. Officer has skills.

Strobe-light filled, music-filled panic, mostly-dark room. Simon has stashed Delta Force costumes under the punch table ((Blake and his hero points ftw)), and Toby, Nikolai, and Simon all duck under to make ou—to change into their costumes. Some inexplicable things happen: a goblin explodes into fireworks without Delta Force doing anything, one of the skeletons gets slammed against the wall without Delta Force doing anything, a locked door opens (with a card from the outside?) without Delta Force doing anything, Randy tackles the Jack of Hearts, Alabama track runner kid tackles the Suicide King, Harold charges the King of Diamonds with his Dumb and Dumber cane, Rosa throws chairs at people, Chet tries his best to help but go home, kid, you’re drunk. There are definitely secret Deltas EVERYWHERE.

Then Delta Force does stuff. Nita shoots arrows at all the bad guys, without her costume on. Her boyfriend THROWS HIMSELF between her and the Suicide King, but Nita, fearing for his safety, locks Erik out of the room. Simon saves his boyfri—his best friend and then throws the Jack of Diamonds at the Queen of Diamonds. A lot. Many times. Toby supports everybody with his inspiring words. Ana and Nikolai team up to smash the Queen of Heart’s sword. Nita taunts and distracts the Suicide King. Ana heals Officer Prescott when the older women starts to inconveniently bleed out. Toby then instructs Prescott to "run" and she bolts out of the room. Ultimately, Delta Force poofs all the villains into cards except the Queen of Diamonds. She yields and has been taken captive.

Notable quotes:

Nita, snarking at the suicide King: “They call you the suicide king cuz you’re not worth the homicide?”

Arcana, snarking at the ostentatious medium: “Cut it out, orifice. Orpheus.”

Simon, hurling the Jack of Diamonds into the Queen of Diamonds: "Cause diamonds are a hurl's best friend."

Blake: "I do have a complication about juggling social spheres."

Sean: "Yeah, Simon does need to start juggling those spheres…"

Simon, when Harold bravely and stupidly charges the Kind of Diamonds: "Why are all the pretty ones so dumb?"


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